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2022 Sep 22

Slime Rancher 2 Game Review by Kwenami

So far I'm still enjoying this, but the 40$ CAD price tag (after tax) is very steep and I feel like I'm putting a lot of faith in devs that have done well with early access releases before.

The game makes a number of changes, whether you like them compared to the first is still tbd. I am pretty neutral towards them so far. Many of them are related to how upgrades work, and it does feel like some of the things that were added later in the first game are better integrated into the second. The main menu seems to offer an easier way to switch between save files which is a much needed upgrade. Unfortunately accessibility settings are still lacking in this game, but there are still lots of graphics options and remapping keybinds has been included. I would have liked to see a colourblind mode, text-to-speech options, screen shake reduction.... The game in general is more accessible in its base version than many others, though, so accessibility ideas have been integrated to a degree regardless.

I would have liked less of a rehash/bringing back of slimes we already had in the first game, and more new slimes and foods. It definitely feels like a continuation of the first game, which is good as it flows with the storyline, but it does feel a lot like a 400% markup on a game that I already have. I'm confident the devs are going to continue to expand the story and world on this front, but I would've liked to see fewer old slimes brought back, and more new ones right at release. You can already feel the DLC re-skins being an easy upsell. The angler slimes are a GREAT example of what I want more of.

The graphics did get a nice upgrade, but I don't feel like this is the game that requires a big upgrade in that regard to be fun and entertaining.

I'm also a tad disappointed that it wasn't released with achievements. I'm sure they are on the way, but it takes some of the release day hype out of the sails. I'm also disappointed that the multiplayer tag was removed; this was a huge selling point for me (because it lets you invite friends!!) so seeing that no longer be a piece of what is likely to come is a bit disheartening. Bring it back ;.; Even if just in a sandbox mode, bringing friends into your ranching world sounds like so much fun.

I will compliment the devs on releasing an early access game that doesn't treat customers as testers-it is functional as is, I've seen very few bugs, it plays nicely with the new steam deck, and it's still somehow only a couple GB of space. I've seen weekly patches bigger than this game. I think a lot of the behind-the-scenes aspects were worked on extensively, and it shows in how immediately functional and concise the game is.

Despite the pitfalls, I still have lots of love for Slime rancher. It's easily one of my favourites and you will probably enjoy this cozy farming adventure.

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Misty_Waters avatar
2022 Sep 25 03:52:31

In the days after this game was announced I looked at my micro laptop and decided I needed to beef up my gaming setup in preparation. I then dropped over a grand to get a desktop and monitor to eventually run this in all its beauty. I am delighted I did so and quite look forward to playing this for years to come.

ViciousVinny avatar
2022 Sep 25 03:31:12

So calming and adorable!

Anccem avatar
2022 Sep 25 03:00:05

This is one of this games that would be better as a DLC of the first one, but it is still verry enjoyable in every aspect

byakugo avatar
2022 Sep 25 02:43:18

I dumped my e-bf and didnt even care because I was having too much fun playing this best game ever

Cheese avatar
2022 Sep 25 02:24:27

It Was good, nothing compared to the first game but its still early accsess so i shouldnt have expected too much Though the soundtrack could definately use some work

Winneck the wickerbeast avatar
Winneck the wickerbeast
2022 Sep 25 01:58:05

I thought it would be bad and that the classics wouldn't return based off the videos they had as a preview, low and behold, it has the classics, it looks better, it runs smoother, it has a seemingly dark/sad story behind it contrary to the firsts truly light story

SamusCrossing avatar
2022 Sep 25 01:33:44

no thoughts, only honey bunny slime. make brain go brrrrrrrr

Tabetha avatar
2022 Sep 25 01:06:29

Yes. Good game.

RunikWolf avatar
2022 Sep 25 00:43:34

So far I can certainly say that Slime Rancher 2 is an improvement over the original even with it's current level of content. I still have more I can (and will) do from what I can tell, however I should note some of the changes that I would argue are improvements: - Adjustment of progression flow from keys to Gordos (a paladin blocks your path!) Helps introduce you (or reintroduce in some cases) to the slime types and feels both more guaranteed and fulfilling than desperately searching for Gordos to pop for keys. Also they're marked on the map when you've gotten close enough to them- no more forgetting where they were! - Removal of treasure cracker! Do I even have to say how nice it is to just only have to find the treasure pods? - Upgrade progression changes Absolutely helps pace your ability to progress by requiring you to spend plorts and science materials to upgrade IN ADDITION TO finding modules for further upgrades in treasure pods! The prequel had an easily abusable system given it was just money. - Science overhaul! Refinery and crafting available from the start and you manually gather special resources yourself (once you get the upgrade). Don't know if we have the extractors anymore yet. Most of the other changes are just things you'd expect of a sequel: adjusted visual fidelity/style, more/different slimes and things like that. Regardless, very excited to see what else the game has in store as of now and absolutely ready to enjoy future updates from Monomi. Congrats on the 100k sales in the first 6 hours as well, devs!

Mini_Melk avatar
2022 Sep 25 00:15:26

Waiting for full game, was a little shorter than expected. Still huge fan, like stayed home for a full day and skipped classes fan. Big Ups (Angler Slime is Best Slime)