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2022 Sep 22

Slime Rancher 2 Game Review by mothskiin

I have 235 hours on the first game and I've been practically counting the days to this release, and I'm honestly super happy with it so far! Of course the graphics are a huge upgrade, the game is very visually stunning. I love the new challenges it brings, such as making our character upgrades cost resources so it requires more effort to unlock them, unlike the first game where I could just rack up a bunch of money and unlock all the upgrades immediately. I'm also loving how much more large and open the game feels, in contrast to how the first game felt more like a straight path laid out for the player, with little room for exploration. It feels much more rewarding when I finally figure out where I'm supposed to go, and when I remember where I'm going, but it's not so massive that I get completely lost. Also! Something I've wanted forever is additional vacpack tanks, but thankfully they added upgrades that allow you to unlock more vacpack tanks in this game, so you're not limited to only 4 slots anymore. The science lab is also available right from the start of the game! But that's not to say it makes the game easier, as there's many resources that you have to hunt for to make gadgets. In that same vein, the new way of finding resources via resource nodes out in the world is very fun, and definitely feels more rewarding when I find them. The new slime designs are also super cute, and I love how some aspects of the game are more stylized now (such as the water fountains around the game, which look like jelly rather than the somewhat realistic water spurts in the first game). The story so far seems interesting, and I can't wait to see how the rest unfolds. And, a small detail, but the little idle animations and different poses Beatrix has when you enter the house is very cute.

Some of the few critiques I have includes the fact that demolishing built plots costs 350 newbucks, which I feel is a bit too pricey, especially since just building the corral costs less than demolishing it. A second critique I have is how sensitive the movement controls are (at least on keyboard, not sure how it is with a controller). This makes it very stressful trying to jump up on ledges that could possibly make me fall into the ocean, or fall down from a tall height and make me redo all of that again. It also makes it difficult trying to step on and center myself on geysers, because if I move or stand off-center even slightly, it'll shoot me in another direction. Of course, this game is only in early access, so I'm sure MANY things will be changed and adjusted.

I think that's all I have for now, I've only played 3 hours so of course I haven't been able to go very far, I've only managed to unlock one new area past the rainbow fields and still haven't fully explored it. But so far, I'm enjoying the game a lot! Excited to see what else there is :)

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2022 Sep 25 03:41:36

So early access that you'll run out of things to do after 5 hours. They should have allowed this to bake a little more before putting it out there, specifically to differentiate it (from SL1) and have it present itself as it's own thing. Right now it feel like a side area of Slime Rancher 1 where none of the endgame stuff is available.

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2022 Sep 25 03:14:17


2022 Sep 25 02:52:46

this game is amazing! can't wait till its done!!!!

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2022 Sep 25 02:35:15

Incinerate babies and ruin the economy. 10/10

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2022 Sep 25 02:13:07

Very cute game! I'm excited to see what else they add!

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2022 Sep 25 01:49:44

Fun little kiddy game for all ages to enjoy, You farm slimes for money to buy upgradeds/more slimes. Good graphics with about 25 Hours of playtime as of this review (9/24/22 beta)

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The Wizard Penguin
2022 Sep 25 01:26:43

epic slime thingamagigs

2022 Sep 25 00:58:22


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2022 Sep 25 00:37:45

Let me start by saying slime rancher 2 is nothing less than a work of art. The graphics are stunningly beautiful and I expected nothing less. Unfortunately, I am rather disappointed by the rest of the game. If you want new content then this game would not be for you. The game itself (other than being set somewhere else and having new slimes) is the exact same with slight variation. There are no new game-changing mechanics and no new objectives from what I have experienced. While I love slime rancher and I will continue to play this sequel, it is better off as being a DLC rather than a "2nd" game

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Gibby's right butt cheek
2022 Sep 25 00:03:24