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2022 Sep 22

GUNDAM EVOLUTION Game Review by Substitute

I really would like to enjoy this game, but it just seems to out there to even be considered a good game. I'm not here complaining about stun; the stun here is fair and balanced. I'm also not here to whine about "cHeATeRs" or any other bs like this. What I am here to give is an honest response to how I feel this game should be reviewed. In short, if no one bothers reading this review, the gameplay is very confusing, and suffers from a very, very, very disgusting trickle down effect problem, where everything in this game just causes issues.

For starters, objectives make no sense. Why even bother playing the objective when every single gamemode is TDM? I'm so confused as to why this is. Oh so we're supposed to be planting a bomb? NOPE! Let's just farm kills, and keep the game going just because why not! Wait, capture the objective? I thought you said "spawn camp the enemy"? I know when it comes to playing any objective---even terrible ones such as CTF or KoTH---, it is expected to whittle down your enemies strength in numbers in order to play objective; but here is the complete opposite. In CS:GO, players tend to plan strategic plays, and use their peers to assist them in frags
for the sake of the team winning
, Overwatch has players just circling around tanks and supports like buzzards on a dead deer, and even Paladins, a smaller community compared to the previously mention characters, have people mashing command promts in order to push objectives and warn players of appending doom. Yes, I mentioned Overwatch, but no I am not insisting that this game is supposed to become OW2 or OW 1/2, or OW 2 Episode 1: players act in a way that just seems to be missing here.

Secondly, I wouldn't be complaining as much about the game being a total TDM if there was something called an actual supporting system. Boosting players for minuscule amounts of chip, pocket medics, and healing abilities that just grant temporary health are not good enough in this game. If you decide to play Methus, an actual character that is built strictly for healing the team, they can just be summarized up as all of the most dog water supports from all hero shooter video games: they can't do shit. Okay, sure everyone can be a support in this game by just walking up to a downed player and reviving them... BUT NOBODY DOES THIS NOR CAN ANYONE GET THE CHANCE TOO! If you are downed and multiple players on your team see you, they just shrug you off and go play TDM; if you are downed, you might as well watch the respawn timer tick down since the enemy player/players who killed you will just keep shooting you in order to ENSURE you can't be revived! Consider Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 as examples of what reviving should be like: you get knocked out, you have a timer before you perish, and the enemy AI around you can't hurt you further; this is what it should be.

Finally, I wouldn't be complaining a lot about dying if the DPS of this game made more sense. Sometimes I get kills that have no logical reasoning, but other times I die when I should have been alive and kicking. I don't understand how I could be in a 1v1 scenario as any role, against the same role as you, but they somehow dish out more damage then you. I have a sense of how FPS work, but this game just takes all common knowledge of gaming, and throws it out the window. Even the movement makes no sense. Keystrokes don't feel fluent, mouse sensitivity at max feels so slow, the suits have no idea what speed means, and aiming down sights---if you have the luxury to do so---almost always never works! Also, as previously mentioned, the main goal that players tend to run is "camp the attacking teams spawn so that they have the highest amount of time required to play the objective".

I really put my best foot forward with this game. Even though matches are quick and fast, it gave me just as fast of an answer as to what this game really is like. I feel so ashamed that I waited months for yet another white whale of a game to be nothing more than just that: a white whale. Maybe it is that I'm so accustomed to other FPS titles such as TF2, OW, Paladins, and CS:GO
before I found CS:GO boring since I kept on doing good and uninstalled it
. No, I'm not looking for a TF3, a better OW or Paladins, or even a Substitute for CS:GO, but rather I was looking for something new---something out there and different---only to find a dumpster fire that will burn till the ends of time. For those who decided to stick it out and read this entire review, allow for some words of wisdom: try the game out for 2 hours, see how you feel afterwards, and then decided whether or not what I have spoke is truth or fiction. I was really hoping that this game would be a breath of fresh air, only to find it to be a nice breath of carbon monoxide, smothered in radon gas.

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Johnny Shit-Knuckles avatar
Johnny Shit-Knuckles
2022 Sep 23 00:35:37

Game is very fun, the mobility to gives it a fast paced feel too it while keeping the gun-play difficult but simple at the same time. There are clear counters to situations but overall it is team oriented to perform well. Balance is not bad, but somethings could be a tad better but overall not bad.

Jinx avatar
2022 Sep 23 00:32:44

Really fun, no launch issues, fast match making and overall chill

Nepgyaaaa! avatar
2022 Sep 23 00:29:35

The game is pretty fun! After my first few matches disconnecting it's been smooth sailing.

Salamander avatar
2022 Sep 23 00:27:24

Writing this review while waiting out a 30 minute ban because the game keeps crashing mid match. As soon as I'm able to actually play the game, I'll change my score to positive, because this is frankly a really great game and adds the sort of skill expression that Overwatch needed. I don't think it's going to kill Overwatch, if only because Blizzard is doing that themselves, but I could see this fulfilling a reliable niche within the hero shooter genre once people can actually play it

RunnyElephant44 avatar
2022 Sep 23 00:24:09

Better Overwatch 2

DudleyDoPipe avatar
2022 Sep 23 00:21:51

Played 10 games disconnected for 4 of them. And games that are fine on my end, get dropped when other players leave, so at best you'll get to play an actual game only 25% of the time ... Would love to give a positive review. But what an absolute abysmal state this game was dropped in!

Dolagon avatar
2022 Sep 23 00:18:22

Great game, lots of fun. Aside from server issues that will hopefully get resolved soon its real good. Also people who played for on hour and start complaining about balance, go back to overwatch.

2022 Sep 23 00:10:00


2022 Sep 23 00:06:12

Game keeps crashing after network disconnect. Unenjoyable currently.

wintersemperor avatar
2022 Sep 23 00:01:15

Overall very fun. the training tools in this game are pretty advanced compared to other hero shooters. MOST of the characters are pretty balanced. I think with some more balancing changes all this will be a very fun hero shooter that could stand the test of time for a couple years.