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2022 Sep 22

Return to Monkey Island Game Review by xen

I have been playing video games my entire life, but you could say the first time I fell in love with a video game universe was Monkey Island 2 and The Curse of Monkey Island. I have so many fond memories of my dad helping me through if I got stuck or I just need a little push or idea on what I could try next. I was so obsessed with the world of these characters, the amazing music and the hilariously funny dialogue that even if I got stuck, the 8 year old me didn't care to go and try every possible solution or try every dialogue option again as to see if they give off any clues because I was just enjoying my time in the world so much. I can perfectly remember my dad bringing me a copy of Escape from Monkey Island (which I never knew existed) and installing it on his laptop for me and the amount of excitement and joy I felt starting up the game the first time knowing I will be able to spend more time in this world with things I have not seen before.

I am 32 now, engaged and having a 6 year old daughter. I lost my dad to cancer last year so seeing the announcement video that a new Monkey Island is happening brought me such excitement and fear. Fear cause I was scared of how it would turn out, as I am sure lots of people like me have fond memories with these games. I found comfort in knowing Ron Gilbert was back behind the wheel and I was a fan of his later Thimbleweed Park as well. The art style did concern me at first, but after seeing and especially playing the game myself I can easily see why this art style works, why it was decided on and I absolutely grew to love it.

The prelude to the game stunned me with the reveal, and I loved it. When I reached the ending I was confused and trying to figure out what is happening but until the last few seconds of Guybrush staring into the distance, its like a truck hit me. All those emotions, memories came back. This game took me back to when I was a kid, having those special memories with my father.

It honestly feels like this game never went away all this many years but rather grew up alongside me. Having a kid of my own and Guybrush's story really resonated to me on a very personal level and for that I will treasure this game and Ron Gilbert forever and hopefully I will be able to share this amazing world and characters with my own some day.

All I can wish for now, is for another Monkey Island (Guybrush) adventure to be able to go through this amazing experience again, but if not, I am so very glad this was the way it ended.

This game is amazing and I do hope people give it a chance,
It might change your life. It surely did mine. <3

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PizzaGrasshopper avatar
2022 Sep 29 02:42:47

A fun and faithful return of Guybrush and friends, and hopefully not the last.

nekdolan avatar
2022 Sep 28 09:14:29

It's not the ending, but the journey, and the friends we made along the way that count. Or something along those lines. That's pretty much how this game wants to be viewed, and as long as you can do that you will have fun playing it. The game is not very long, but worth the price. Maybe we will get a dlc, but who knows. I could have played for another 10 hours for sure. There seems to be some cut content or at least potential for it, but what's there is pretty epic. Puzzles are not difficult if you are used to the genre, but I think it is good that way. The game gives you lot of hints as well. I never enjoyed unfair puzzles or backtracking because I missed a random item in a random spot, anyway. It's a good game. Could have been more, but still worth getting.

ExplosionsKatze avatar
2022 Sep 27 19:18:36

Spoilers and emotions ahead! So .... here I am .. in my 40th. I just finished this game. At first I was surprised about the set up of the end scene. Then I saw Elaine standing there waiting for guybrush. And I completely understood. The secret of monkey islandTM? I dont care... all I wanted is to make guybrush go home with Elaine. So I turned of the lights...no turning back..."I am ready to go home" And so they went. And then there is Guybrush talking to his son again..Elaine comes in and I am happy for this family somewehere in the ficitonal caribean.. She is off. Guybruhs..is looking me straight in the eyes. Breaking the forth wall with nothing but along stare. I feel strange. What is going on? The credits roll. Back to the main menu. I browse through the new content of the album. Read the letter from Ron Gilbert (and the other guy) The music plays and I am in tears. Sobbing. Remembering that moment when i finished MI 1 in the 90th. 12 years old. Now im 42, two kids, a life of ups and downs, like most of us. Im so thankfull for reminding me what the secret of monkey island realy is. Where ever you are out there. Have a good life and take care.

Kerrin avatar
2022 Sep 27 12:03:11

Did you like Monkey Island 1 and 2? Buy this, you won't regret it. The humour is great. The story is great. The game play is great. I like the art style, some don't, but every MI game has a different art style, and I think this is one of the better ones. I would rank this along with the first two games in awesomeness. So much for a seasoned MI fan, as well as people new to the series. I personally wasn't keen on the ending, MI games do have odd endings, and I can't think of any ending that would have been good to be honest. But the rest of the game was so good, I don't mind. The attention to quality and care they took over this game really shine through. Now I want Ron and Dave to make more Monkey Island games again.

MrMii6 avatar
2022 Sep 23 20:59:01

This game is exactly what you would expect/hope for if you played the previous games in the series. The complaints about the art style are the most exaggerated whining I've seen in a long time. Though definitely different and unexpected, it looks great in its own right. And even if you really don't like it, it should never be a reason the write off the entire game.

Mayhem avatar
2022 Sep 23 20:18:51

I just love the game. As soon as I started it I felt ten years old again ;)

gajira67 avatar
2022 Sep 23 19:28:42

Cute, funny, entertaining, a bit nostalgic. A great game for fans and for future ones.

AleV avatar
2022 Sep 23 19:01:25

A wonderful return for our friendly mighty pirate™. Set sail with him and a beautiful art style in his last adventure to Monkey Island™ to discover the infamous secret. The bittersweet ending made me somehow happy. Loved it. I'm glad I paid more than 20 bucks for a computer game. Thanks R.Gilbert Thanks Terrible ToyBox

c.oli avatar
2022 Sep 23 18:31:47

Great Game, a worthy Successor to Part 1 and 2.

g4m3r avatar
2022 Sep 23 12:05:13

I was very happy to see the return of Ron Gilbert to the world of Monkey Island, after 30 years I thought I would finally discover what the heck happened at the end of MI2. Well, after finishing Return to Monkey Island, I can't say I'm really satisfied or that I had an epiphany regarding the whole story of Guybrush Threepwood at this point. I still have a lot of doubts, and this game provided more of those than clarifications. Apart from that I really like the game. Graphics, music, voice acting, dialogs, even the simplified interface, everything is top notch for this genre. The art style was really criticized from someone, but I think they made a very good work here, even if I would have preferred pixel art. Return to Monkey Island is a good fan service product for all the old gamers like myself, the ones that played the originals back in 1990/1991 and loved the stories, the characters and the particular sense of humour. Puzzles are not difficult, even in hard mode, and the game is easily approachable from newbies of the genre and the series. As I said, I didn't like the ending and the story in general, but I think we need to thank Terrible Toybox for all the work and effort put in this new Monkey Island, a real miracle if we think about today's videogame market!