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2022 Sep 22

Salt 2: Shores of Gold Game Review by

I totally disagree the description of the game on steam's page. I was so hyped and now i am very frustrated.
The idea of the game is really cool, but the way it was developed is really unacceptable.

Salt 2 is an open world pirate game

I do not accept pirate game with out naval combats.
Not mention you can not dive. WTF!?!?! A pirate game that you can not dive on the ocean? Ridiculous, right?

focused on exploration, survival, and crafting.

Exploration: ok.

You have to eat, but you have not to drink? And you still can play forever without need to sleep.
You don't suffer from temperature effects.
You do not get sick and nothing.
You can not dive on ocean. Just swim on top of the ocean :P
So, how you can call it a survival game? Sorry but NO it is not a survival game.

Well, you can craft. The same with cook. You have one station (table). Each one for one thing. One table to cook, another to craft armors, another to craft weapons and all.
But for craft anything, you MUST FIRST LEARNED THE RECIPE to. You have to find the scroll with the recipe or you have to buy one. After that you interact with the table (station) pressing F key. Click the button craft and yeaaaah. You instantly got the item (if you have the materials to craft, if not, it pops a message that you do no have the materials).
You can not select which materials you want to use to craft and you can not learn the recipe trying crafting it. You can only craft/cook something you learned the recipe (find or buy the recipe scroll and click one button to read and instantly learn the recipe).
Well, sorry, i do not consider this a crafting system. It is just find one scroll, click to learn, click at table, click craft button, get instantly the item.
Can you consider it a crafting system?

You can hunt just a few animals (i found just 3 types playing more than 10 hours: Boar, Bear and Deer).
The bow damage is extremely low, and it is extremely expensive craft arrows.
Most part of the time i just run forever following the animals and hit then with the sword.
The A.I. is terrible. The animals just random run like as a F1 racing car :P

Yeah, for a pirate game we have to fish right?
Nope on Salt 2 :P
To fish you need a fishing pole and a bait. Most of the bait has change 50% even 70% to break the bait. So you will constantly need to buy or craft more baits. No matter which option u follow (buy or craft) both are very expensive.
To not mention, you will MUST HAVE TO FIND the fish recipe, with the exactly name of the fish you got to cook.
With more than 10 hours playing, i only got 1 fish recipe and it takes too much ingredients that i`ve never cooked a fish dishes and i have never fish more than 2 fishes. Thanks it is so boring and useless fishing.
Not enough to you fish, you just need equip the fishing pole, click at the bait in inventory and click equip button. Go near the ocean. Left click to send the bait. Wait the fish. Left click to instantly get the fish. WOW, so nice fishing in this "pirate" game. Thanks! for nothing :P

YEEEEEEEEEEAH, a pirate game must have nice fights!
Naval fights, fps fights against pirates, cursed skulls and all.
But no.
The enemies is just one.
You can only fight one type of NPC.
They are pirates and skeletons.
So its 2 types, don't? Unfortunately no.
The skull is the same as the pirate npc. The only think that changes is the avatar of the npc. One are human pirate the other are skull. The A.I. are the same for all enemies in the game.
But you can not call A.I. too. You just need to hold S key to walk back and hold left mouse button to constantly hit the enemies. Do this and you never (99% chance) you kill every enemies without get any hit on you.
Ah, but there are archers too.
Some stupid guy told this on one tread that i comment on steam forum. Yeah yeah. Just go strait to him and spam sword attack. You will kill every archer with no problem too. You will get hit because they fires the arrow, and the arrow hits you, even if you are at the back of the archer. But no problem, you can kill with no problem.
10+ hours of the game and i never died and killed all enemies i found without got hit on me, as i told.
Well, so it do not have combat too.

But, it at least have quests right?
Well, i can not call those quests too.
Its all the same:
Go to the island X, kill the mob Y or get the item Y, came back and talk to the npc that gives you the quest to complete or deliver the item with a mail post u can find on islands with seaport or you can buy one and place at your ship.
Well, it have A LOT, only the same sh1t to do on quests.

Procedural World:
Wow, but the world is procedural generated, right?
It is but.
The islands are all the same. They changed the form but it still have the same things: One camp bandit, one cave to explore, one npc to sells you something or gives you some quest. The visual are the same for all islands. The only things that changes are the type of trees and the color of the sand you will see.
Not to say it freezes a lot while "creating the islands" and happens all the time :P
Cool? No no no =(

So is there anything good on this game? Just ONE THING, please?
Yes it has. I really liked the graphics of the game.
its a mix of reality and draw graphics. It would be much better if it have only the realist aspect, but yeah, it is at least beautiful. And, that's all.
It is the only thing i can tell that is acceptable on this game =(

So why i bought this game?
Because i was hyped and it is very cheap.
Still do not compensate.
I tried, but really, you have the same thing to do with an infinite loop. Looks like you live the same day again and again with no changes :P

The idea is incredible, but the system and how they made this is just disappointing.

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DanGerous avatar
2022 Sep 28 04:37:22

i bought the first one. dont let me down developers. i am liking what i see so far, but i hope you stick with this one longer. fair winds to you.

mustard-based toothpaste avatar
mustard-based toothpaste
2022 Sep 28 00:35:33

im not good at reviewing games seriously but uhhhhhh it's really good, salt 1 was good but they ran out of money this shit slaps buy it now :)

Soulcrifice avatar
2022 Sep 27 22:32:49

I played Salt 1 throughout the beta, so take this with that in mind. Salt 2 takes just about everything about 1, and cranks it up to eleven. The water operates much better, and looks better, and the overall feel of the game is much more polished than 1. I am able to maintain a solid FPS, and that says a lot as 1 ended on a bit of a sour note not being as optimized as it should have. Salt 2 seems to have quite a bit of content already, and it's pretty well done. Combat is pretty basic, but fun enough to be entertaining and doesn't last long enough to be annoying. The ships seem better with allowing us to customize a bit where things are placed such as decoration, and crafting tables. The navigation system and map is much better than one, and helps you map what you want to map. Overall if you're looking for a single player Sea of Thieves-esque type game, this is it. Keep in mind though, even against AI there is currently no ship to ship combat.

MR.PLAID avatar
2022 Sep 27 21:32:03

103 minutes in... Feels like VALHEIM meets PIRATES Promising... fun ... solo ...

mneal220 avatar
2022 Sep 27 17:40:55

Builds on the original Salt game and does it well , very easy going /relaxing. Look forward to seeing it grow through development

Old Man Gibb avatar
Old Man Gibb
2022 Sep 27 15:51:53

Awesome Game: I very much recommend this game to all players of all ages. I have some videos of the game play at: [url][/url] Give a look. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I am.

Sim UK avatar
Sim UK
2022 Sep 27 13:10:31

[h3]🍿 Sim UK REVIEWS [/h3] [h3]GAMEPLAY [/h3] 🔵Open World Pirate adventure with procedurally Generated Islands. 🔵Looks fantastic with excellent performance in 4K. 🔵Less stressful than Sea of Thieves. 🔵Early Access title with lots more content planned. [h3]🍿 Sim UK on TWITCH[/h3] [h3]POSITIVES [/h3] ✔️It looks great! ✔️Performance is Great in 4K. ✔️VERY Good price. ✔️Procedurally Generated Islands with WILDLIFE that can ATTACK Without notice :-0. ✔️Has fishing, trade and crafting. ✔️Some truly excellent environments for you to discover. ✔️Some rally nice water and sea effects (waves etc..) ✔️Fun, fun, fun, fun fun! [h3]🍿 Sim UK GAMEPLAY[/h3] [h3]NEGATIVES[/h3] ❌Single player only (No multiplayer...YET). ❌Needs some work (small amount of repetition ATM). ❌Cannot dive down into the water. ❌Very casual (ships can be spawned from anywhere). [table][tr] [td]Join Our Curator for more REVIEWS[/td][th][/th] [/tr][/table] [h3]STAR FEATURES[/h3] ⭐Water effects are superb. ⭐A lot of fun, casual gameplay fun to be had. ⭐A really good game with heaps of potential still to be realised. [h3]RECOMMENDATIONS[/h3] 💡Multiplayer. 💡Ships that anchor and cannot be spawned anywhere (personal peev). 💡Improve audio in some areas (like bears attacking from behind). 💡Deep Sea creatures and ship wrecks! [table][tr] [td]🔵 POI[/td][td]✔️ Pos[/td][td]❌ Neg[/td][td]💡 Ideas[/td][td]🍿Video[/td][td]⭐ STAR ITEM[/td] [/tr][/table]

MrlePresident avatar
2022 Sep 27 08:31:37

I'm not a comment guy and I never played Salt the 1st but I find this game really great. It's still Alpha so there are some bugs (very few for me) and a lot of content is not available yet. But I keep playing it again and again as the atmosphere and content available today is great. There's always something to do: a quest, hunting for food, for crafting, loot... in a beautiful environment. If you look for a relaxing game with beautiful landscapes and sunrises, easy survival elements, crafting, leveling (incomplete to date, but will improve as per Dev's roadmap), this is your game. Also, and it is important to note, the community is great and very helpful :).

survivaloftheweakest avatar
2022 Sep 27 04:54:23

Salt 2 is pretty polished in its current state. 10 hours in and I've gotten stuck 1 time. 0 glitches. With that said, it is Early access, so there are a lot of negatives below (maybe negative is the wrong word, as it is rather my opinion on what they could work on moving toward release) that I hope are rectified, but overall a very positive first look. Hope they continue on a good path. Positives: + island exploration. New dungeons everywhere, pirate outposts, graveyards, etc.. + Game runs seemingly flawless aside from the stutter upon island generation. + Ship decorating (hope we see more options coming) + quests/job boards (reminds me of the job boards in new world) gives further meaning to your exploration. Negatives: - Sailing is very boring. No weather, no wild life.. basically auto pilot for what can be 15 mins at a time. you can craft to fill some time, but there needs to be more excitement around sailing. I usually stop playing once I realize I need to sail out, and just don't want to do it. - While it is still early access, the islands do all look extremely similar. - Combat is to easy. There is a way to evade every melee attack and defeat any foe no matter your level. on the flip side, archery does not hit enough. there's no point trying to kill a foe with a common bow unless you want to run away in the process. - This is not really a "survival" game. wouldn't be a negative if it wasn't tagged survival. No drinking, Eating timer is so slow you don't need to pay mind to it, no temperature/climate variables, you get where I'm going. The only survival aspect is eating and you barely have to do that for a hunger purpose. - Need more quests, more recipes, more crafting, and more variables on each island. - I want to see my character equipped with my gear. I get its first person, but in the equipment tab, I want to see the gear on my character. seems like a small complaint, but I feel it would add a lot more immersion.

Noglin avatar
2022 Sep 27 00:06:38

for an early access game, although its a little empty (early access and just released after all), this is really good! game has its moments of choppyness although thats likely something on my end rather than the game but that aside; the ship sailing experience is a great balance of realistic and gamefied, the combat has promise for the future and the music while your sailing from one island to the next is lovely. highly looking forward to seeing what the devs do with this game as it is further developed

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