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2022 Sep 22

Potion Permit Game Review by Beaurealis

Overall review 3/5

Graphics 5/5
Cute and animated.
Game mechanics 3/5
Not mouse friendly you either use keyboard completely on its own which has odd key binds. Or an xbox controller with the help of the keyboard opening up the map or journal etc . You can reassign the key binds though.
Mini games are iffy, diagnosing the patients when you have to press the arrow keys in the right order but also at a certain time ie in the little box. It's iffy because you can clearly do everything right but it will come up as a miss.
Other mini games such as working part time to earn a little extra are simple little games. Fishing isn't really a challenge like in Stardew Valley, it's just button mashing to reel in the fish.

The Potion making is a 2/5 it can be improved upon greatly. You put in any ingredients that fit the shapes you need. It's very very simple, maybe later on in the game certain potions will only use certain ingredients? If not then maybe this should be implemented, otherwise any ingredients could be used for all potions. Iron or rocks for example shouldn't be an option to be used for potions. Right now it's a matter of getting any ingredient that can fit the puzzle which feels very childlike.

You can upgrade your tools instantly at the blacksmiths it costs materials and coin.
Another feature is the time, its the same as Stardew, you get up at 6am and pass out at 2am. Time updates in 10 minutes increments.

Story 3/5
Good so far but dialogue could be fixed, you meet Forrest the Ranger as they tell you to go collect some herbs. Then later in the story you are asked to introduce yourself to villagers. Forrest acts like you never meet or introduced themselves to you which is odd.
Features slowly become available to you, fishing, community board tasks your mailbox, and the alarm for your clinic all become available after the first week is spent.

Daily life is a grind, 4/5
1speak to the villagers to increase their trust in you, (some are romancable),
2 gather resources and make potions to either sell by mailbox or use to cure your patients.
3 part time work for 2 ingame hours
4 pet your dog and feed him when he gets hungry.

Overall game experience it's a nice game to be curious and chill to, but it feels like it could be improved upon. Definitely keeping an eye on the updates and changes this game will have. Its not worth the deluxe version, get the base game, chances are people will mod this game making the current cost worth it.
Do I recommend it? I'm torn between yes and no, it can be improved upon big time but if you like what you see and want to try it then yes get it. It's a nice game to try out but it's by no means finished.

Suggestions, a choice of dog or cat and whether to leave them at home or have them follow you. Let them in the house and have a food/water bowl for them.
For the Potion making Assigning certain ingredients to certain potions will ensure you need to have a certain amount of each ingredient to make the Potion. Example you have a Coughing Potion which needs honey if honey is a 2 block and the Coughing Potion is a

1block and 2 2blocks right beside it. Then you could use 2 honey plus another ingredient.

Upgrading your health at the blacksmiths is odd and the feature should be moved to either be improved by eating so cooking delicious meals and or visiting the bathhouse. The bathhouse like the part time work takes 2 hours and can refill your stamina/health. Why not have it have lingering effects? Your muscles should be relaxed so perhaps you can cut down a certain number of trees faster or break rocks? Having to cook meal means farming, the soil is very fertile and its said plants can grow very fast there. Why not have a small patch of land for growing herbs or vegetables for cooking this can cut down on the grind for resources meaning you can spend time doing something else.

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Vinny avatar
2022 Sep 23 15:07:56

Absolutely LOVE this game so far!! I've only played about an hour but I'm addicted. The controls took a minute to get used to but the graphics are incredible and I love the cozy vibes it's giving. Very wholesome and the story line brings up some interesting dynamics between city folk and the countryside. Highly recommend!!!

Reuden Gandalf avatar
Reuden Gandalf
2022 Sep 23 14:37:51

This game cured my depression.

SeventhBeat avatar
2022 Sep 23 14:24:05

It's like Stardew Valley if the entire village hated you and believed in essential oils over science

Marshmeow avatar
2022 Sep 23 14:22:56

This is a farming and puzzle/minigame-game with a cute look. You have to grind soooo much but buttom line-its fun or at least if you can handle the grinding. The only game that came to mind as compairison would be little witch in the woods. If you want a layed back grinding game-this is for you!

Reosoul avatar
2022 Sep 23 14:02:59

If you're just looking for a chill game to spend time with and listen to music and see some cool art, this game is fine. If you've played Stardew Valley or any other Harvest Moon sim, this game falls short. By comparison, there's just not a lot of depth, or complexity, and the game feels pretty damn linear despite it having a fairly large sandbox to play with, with most of the linearity coming from time-gating and just not being able to progress until certain events happen on their own. Too much filler and not enough actual content.

morganphoenix1 avatar
2022 Sep 23 13:52:10

It is fun however, there could be more ways to use potions such as strength potions increasing your (if consumed) increases harvesting/damage to entities.

Kore avatar
2022 Sep 23 13:25:14

Super cute game! it reminds me of the newly released little witch in the woods as well as stardew and other cute cosy games. i have a little pros and cons list. Pros: so cute, fun mechanics, you have a dog!! and can customise your character! a fun and cute story about redemption and all that jazz, sooo many cool characters! cons (and most of them are nit-picky): the dog cant come inside:( i want to have a little dog bed in my room! it would be cool if there was weather? like rain and stuff, not enough characters are romanceable, unlike stardew valley there are like 2 girls and 2 guys you can date. pls game makers let me wife helana! shes so pretty!. there are also some small visual glitches when in cutscenes but its nothing major. i really recommend this game if you like stardew, and other things like that (sorry for my lack of examples lol)

Vennka avatar
2022 Sep 23 13:07:27

This game was made to be played with a controller. Keep that in mind going in - you CAN play with a keyboard, but the lack of a mouse will annoy you if you do. Stick to controller, and you'll be just fine. Don't let the lack of mouse controls turn you away from this game - it's a lot of fun and worth your time if you enjoyed other games like Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, and Moonlighter.

Cie'th avatar
2022 Sep 23 12:45:53

It's a tentative yes. Going to lay out several mostly neutral statements and you can decide if it's something you'd like: -It looks better than Stardew, but seems to have less (no farming at all, which tends to be a pretty big chunk of the gameplay loop for these kinds of games). Likewise, it has less than Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons because of the lack of farming, but includes some rudimentary combat and is less expensive. -There's no skill levels, only tool upgrades. Also, no dedicated weapons. So progression isn't as exciting as, say, Rune Factory 5. That being said, grinding/gathering materials to get those upgrades can be quite a slog. -The potion making is kind of weird. The materials themselves mean nothing, just the Tetris shape they provide. Fitting an "L" shape and a "Z" shape together is more important than the type of flower or herb you're trying to make that antidote out of. -A lot of the activities have mini-games to them, such as DDR-style inputs, or sorting things within a time limit. They're all incredibly basic and easy, but more or less fun, and more engaging then just a "you completed that task" screen. -A lot of the relationships and interactions seem easier and maybe more basic than similar titles. Also, you get a generic "gift" item instead of having to remember/look up every NPC's "favorite" item. Also, out of the 20 or so NPC's, only 6 are romanceable (3 male and 3 female). Romance only seems to go as far as one Date scene and ends there. No marriage and I'm not sure if it even influences any of the conversations after that one scene. -The current DLC, although expensive, is cosmetic only. Hopefully any content-related DLC will be reasonably priced. TL;DR = It's a pretty good game for $20, but the excellent pixel art is the only thing that really makes it stand out in this genre. It just kind of feels like it's missing something.

2022 Sep 23 12:27:28

Still buggy, but the game is fun... wish there was portrait art too instead of just sprites for character interactions.