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2022 Sep 22

Dread Delusion Game Review by MARKIPLIER JUMPSCARE

(This review is for an early access release of the game, written 09/22/2022 and will be updated as the developer releases updates)

It really pains me to leave a review not recommending this game. I love the atmosphere, the premise, and a lot of the ideas at play. A King's Field style game, with RPG mechanics akin to the likes of Morrowind, as many other reviews have stated. The problem here is I can't justify this game as it is for $20 USD.

Let me clarify, I truly did enjoy my time with this game, I picked it up for 10 dollars during the Realms Deep sale. In one sitting I blasted through the first five hours of this game, before I had to get ready for work the next day. I spent all night and most of the next day, so eager to play Dread Delusion. Then upon booting the game up again I realized, those 5 hours were really all that the game had to offer. 3 Islands, 2 cities, and a random sprinkling of homes, caves and castles. For the price I paid I would absolutely recommend this game, and I understand that these devs must make a living, but at this stage this is not a $20 USD game.

If I enjoyed it so much, you might ask, why does the game length matter? Because 4 of those 5 hours were spent backtracking, crossing empty fields and hills, battling the same 5 enemies, grinding for the last pieces of ore to finish that disappointing home quest line, and hearing the same 3 songs. While the world and lore is fascinating and so, so promising, there is so little of it to experience, and what little you do bears zero effect on the world around you. No quest liens result in radical changes to the world, even when presented with seemingly important choices, none of the characters feel like more than placeholders, and the combat is hugely unrewarding and honestly far too clunky. In addition to largely lackluster quests, and even poorer quest rewards, none of the main quest lines can even be partially resolved.

What did I like? I am genuinely in love with the ideas this game puts forward. Scraps of humanity clinging to what little they have on their islands in the sky, orbited by the harsh light of a nearby star, while gods and demons battle for their worship and control. What little interaction with npcs there are, is mostly enjoyable, with fairly well done dialogue and well written in game texts offering insight to the world around you. The movement is also very enjoyable, you can move around the world like a Half Life 1 speed runner, jumping and weaving with no restriction. i hope that if they keep this movement style, they design future areas around it moving forward, that would be fun to see.

At this stage, I can't recommend paying full price for this game, there simply is not enough offered t justify full price. If the devs really stick with it and get more updates out, i think this game will be genuinely incredible. Until then, wait for a sale.

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Cabb avatar
2022 Sep 27 16:28:41

steam queue gave me a good game for once

Samy avatar
2022 Sep 27 11:54:01

This game is really good for an early access looking forward to it's full release.

2022 Sep 27 03:18:55

Me: "Devs tell me some stories." Devs: "Hold my beer." For real though, this game tells stories wonderfully, and the sense of exploration is very Morrowind-esque. The combat is the weakest point of the game, but if you skip Dread Delusions because of that, you're really going to miss out on a wonderful experience.

Lyght avatar
2022 Sep 26 05:10:24


What are birds? avatar
What are birds?
2022 Sep 25 00:55:59

If you are a fan of Morrowind, if you don't mind indie games and jankiness, and if you enjoy an odd setting that doesn't sit you down and explain everything to you up front, this is the game for you. Game play is odd and a little janky, but once you're used to it, it's quite fun to run around and find ways to exploit the AI and make it through. It has a fairly well realized alien world, and running around it and trying to figure it out brought me back to younger days running around Seyda Neen and Balmora. At the time of writing the game is fun but still very much early access, There's not much more than 8-10 hours of content here, depending on what you do and how you choose to do it. Those are some quality hours, I have had a lot of fun, but for the moment that's all there is. I am very hopeful for future work and the completion of the game, it is filled with potential, but take these facts into account.

Swet. T avatar
Swet. T
2022 Sep 24 17:40:51

it's very immersive and has a great atmosphere

Flynessa Bonewalker Shiv-bait avatar
Flynessa Bonewalker Shiv-bait
2022 Sep 24 09:15:08

old school game mechanics with modern controls! Lovin' it so far :D

Sick.Sperm avatar
2022 Sep 23 07:25:26

I love it. amazing atmosphere, I just wish there was some sort of compass or quest marker, hell even a map marker in the map in the journal to make it a bit easier. all in all im enjoying it. Beautiful game, great work

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