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2022 Sep 22

We Happy Few Game Review by Baba Swaga

Gripping story and worldbuilding, if you don't conect all the dots as you go you can by the end, or when certain things are revealed, check your lore notes and find hints for so much stuff there. Plenty of them in the world too, they're so intriguing, this game really gets me thinking about the characters (playable and npc's alike), their conections, the story of what happened in their world, and what would happen in ours too.

Gameplay can get a bit repetitive but I like the story and diferent activities/missions throughout so much it doesn't bother me. I like the type of humor and artstyle used in this game. There are some minor bugs but they don't affect your progression and are fixed with a change of location or similar in my experience. Following someone's perspective instead of creating your own character can turn off some people who like RPG's but I personally love this game and its use of the category RPG.

Love its aproach to the diferent acts, you can sometimes see the same situation from diferent points of view. I interpret it as the memories about it of each character being diferent, as it happens in real life, and is shown through the main characters' thoughts about others around them in some moments. It can make you think about so much, including concepts of trusting your own self, responsability, trust, your place in a seemingly broken world, what would you do and how far would you go to survive, can your present self be diferent and/or forgive your past self? I think this also aplies to the political themes of the game and the real world, after all, "Happy is the country which has no history", and here you're in the world of We Happy Few. Of course it aplies to the political themes too, I'm just a bit too focused on the characters at this point and I haven't gotten around to think about the rest all the way yet, but what I have thought about and the game's treatment and way of showing each thing heightens the game even further - comunities, governments, colective and individual decisions and grief, owning up to the past, there's seriously so much in this game, amazing writing.

I bought this game in a bundle with the DLC's and they're very good too. "Roger & James in They Came From Below" and "Lightbearer" have a really good balance between humor and thought provoking moments. "We All Fall Down" is more serious in tone but dont let that stop you from playing it, it shows us a great bit more of lore and allows us to get to know and conect with another important character in the world of We Happy Few. In all the DLC's you're confronted with situations and statements from the ones your character cares for or even people that inhabit this place, that force you to think about what type of person you/your character want/s to be, and even your feelings about certain aspects of your characters that are beyound your control. Again, this lack of control over the character's personality might bother some but in my case I loved it, it's a good fun game to play and to think about when you stop playing.

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2022 Sep 29 04:11:34

I LOVE the world that this game made and it is such a fun game to sneak around or just wreak havoc in. Also ALL THE LOVE FOR ARTHUR!!! Love the characters and I love the world, the crafting is good, the fighting is pretty good too. The DLC is a LOT of fun though different from the game. Also my favorite DLC was Lightbearer, it was a lot of fun to play with the mechanics for him! Now for all the good, without giving away the game, you play as other characters and the second one was good, not the same level of fun as Arthur, then the third one just seemed haphazardly difficult, like for no real reason and it made me just miss Arthur because he is such an amazing character. Not to say that the last one isn't great. I just didn't connect with him as well.

Nova avatar
2022 Sep 29 01:48:03

I really enjoyed this title and especially the atmosphere and environment it portrays. 1960s England is a super cool place and time to base a game on, i just wish there was a sequel i love it so much!

Papuru avatar
2022 Sep 28 19:22:45

Great game

MuRkanism_ avatar
2022 Sep 28 05:31:10

I love this game. Very neat style and pretty decent story!

Glitchy avatar
2022 Sep 27 17:16:53

I sneaky

Trevor avatar
2022 Sep 26 23:01:48

Really cool game. Story is awesome, gameplay and it sure is a very different story than anything I've played. Just remember to take your joy.

Destel avatar
2022 Sep 25 23:33:29

Procedural generation was a mistake

HYPE BST avatar
2022 Sep 25 00:52:37