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2022 Sep 22

Omega Strikers Game Review by

Who this game is for
If you ever enjoyed rocket league and don't mind the top down style similar to league this is a very fun game so far. If you enjoy league and soccer then you'll probably love some of the more pvp focused strikers X, Asher, and Juliette all seem more aggressive. If you enjoy support I believe Era would play well for you. If you like Goalie Dubu and Atlas are probably the best starters for you and Dubu you start with.

How hard is ranked for a noob
Personally I've found that goalie is insanely easy for me in ranked I've gone 12-1 which I will say the one lose was very close and if I had played just a bit better it would've been a win. I wouldn't go as far to say as goalie op or anything but in lower ranks at least the goalies are either new, trash, or not the most aware. If you want to play goalie start as Dubu the big hamster he's my current favorite. Also passing to your teammates and not just trying to overpower other people is much more effective. I don't know a ton about the game but there strikers can guaranteed get past you as goalie if they get the ball close to your goal. If you want to be a flex player I highly recommend you learn goalie in depth. Goalie is the backbone of the team in low ranks. Having a good striker always helps but if the ball never goes in your net and you pass to at least decent strikers it will eventually go in because if you pass it well you should be getting it back onto their side whenever you get a chance to hit it. I've played 12 games as Dubu goalie and one game as Atlas goalie because Dubu was banned.

The most common way I die or see other people die is getting hit out of the map or into the goal if you're too close to the wall and an enemy knocks you into it you will die regardless of your health.

Ranked bans
If you choose to ban a champion it will try to matchmake you into a game where they are banned but it isn't guaranteed. Personally I would recommend banning the very aggressive strikers like X and Asher that can just stay on someone until they die. I don't ban anyone because I want to learn what all the character do but if you play against an Asher that constantly knocks your teammates out of bounds it's much harder to win.

Goalie specific
If you are going into the map that has the wall in the top right and bottom left I highly recommend you play Dubu he can wall off the choke points or throw his log into them for very easy control. There are also specific champions you should play for goalie. I wouldn't recommend any flex players use their forward main as a goalie chances are it won't work. You should focus on passing to your team and getting the ball onto their side preferably lined up for a teammate to shoot if possible. If you try to brute force kicking past one or two of the enemy strikers you have a much higher chance of being scored on. You should also learn how to aim where the ball is going to be kicked to I've seen a surprising amount of own goals or just horrible kicks from people I believe don't know how to aim it. This game functions very differently in the lower ranks so just focus on saving and redirecting the ball to your team away from enemies as much as you can chances are if you're a good goalie you'll also get kind of a stupid winrate like I have so far.

Striker specifc
You should be very worried about dying, killing, and finding openings. Also if your goalie dies you should try to cover the best you can till they respawn. At least one of the strikers should cover goalie till he gets back. If you see a goalie other than Dubu or Atlas in low ranks like Luna or Estelle I would recommend playing more defensively because most people in low ranks probably aren't going to be as comfortable on the more difficult goalies.

Spam the Penguinz Pog emote after every goal that is scored and make sure you keep your teammates hyped up not necessarily required but it's fun most of the community also spams it even when they get scored on at my rank so it's currently a very friendly game. I don't see any salt when we 5-0 teams either so this currently is the toxic garbage that league is or Rocket League can be. There is also no chat, only emotes so you don't need to worry about toxic messages.

That's all thank you for coming to my TED Talk install and have fun!

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2022 Sep 29 01:27:54

GO TEAM MOIST #teammoistsweep

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2022 Sep 29 00:42:52

Based Air Hockey

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2022 Sep 26 11:00:16


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beep beep im a jeep
2022 Sep 26 09:36:06

it's a banger.

2022 Sep 26 08:43:43


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2022 Sep 26 08:25:06

It fun to play, but I wouldn't pay for it-- just not that fun enough to be worth it.

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2022 Sep 26 07:50:10

Fun game but their Striker Pass is broken. Bought it recently and can't claim the premium items. Support is non-existent as well. Be aware when buying stuff on the store since its a bit buggy at the moment.

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2022 Sep 26 06:29:30

no way to chat and people wanting to goalie without having a goalie character peak retard dropped

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2022 Sep 26 06:00:45

The core gameplay is really fun and addicting. The matches are very short, which make it less annoying when you lose or when someone's AFK. It's simple to learn but really difficult to master. Doing well requires a lot of practice and learning, despite how simple the game looks on its surface. So far, it doesn't look like there's an established "meta" yet, so it's still wild and fun. That's probably what adds to the fun. You can just try and experiment on your own. However, the game does have its issues. Some options are incomplete; understandable as the game is considered to still be in open beta. But it's still really strange that there aren't any graphics options for the game, even if it's still in beta. Next is the UI. There's no other way to say this, but the UI is just bad. It's a headache to navigate through, it's ugly, and it just feels really vague. For example, why isn't there simply a menu that says "Training" instead of having to click on your username on top of the character model on screen to access the training customization? Or why not just include it in the customize option? There are plenty of issues related to how inefficient the UI is that are similar to this. Finally, there's the game modes. There definitely needs to be more. What I think is particularly important is a practice mode. That would really be helpful to try and understand how the game works and improve your skills. Regarding balance issues, I'm not good enough at the game to have an opinion on that. But reading other reviews and comments, it does look like there are some issues there. But I personally haven't felt bothered by any particular characters yet. Again, I'm aware of the fact that the game is till in open beta. I just want to point out that if these issues were to be addressed, I'd be perfect. The game is incredibly fun. Most fun I've had playing video games in some time.

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2022 Sep 26 00:06:55