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2022 Sep 22

Mafia Game Review by Silent Shabah

Just to summarize before I begin: THIS GAME IS A MASTERPIECE.
I was somewhat 10 when my cousin gave it to me and said it was deep nostalgia for her. It was 2013 I think, I sat down played the game, couldn't finish the infamous race mission, I played and played and played and couldn't get passed it before the CD went kingdom come. I saw the game getting free for 20th anniversary and all the memories came back, now I am older, a seasoned gamer you can say, and I gave it a second shot, I have to finish this, and well...I FINALLY DID. I had so many things going on in my real life, but that moment just made me crack the biggest smile I've had this year in all honesty, and it felt awesome. I continued playing and finally saw the ending, and it made me feel proud for a second, as if I completed a task my cousin burdened me with she first gave the game to me.
Now the graphics are obviously outdated, but they still have a certain charm to it, and you can see the hyper-realistic design they were aiming for. The level of details option was kinda bugged for me, It just didn't save itself, and IDK if it's about the new headphone I got right before I played the game or not, but it feels like the game's audio is loud.
Now, the game-play, it's still outdated since back then third person perspective worked differently and was kinda above the head, but the game can be easily played with a few control tweaks (that I highly recommend) and some practice. It also requires a lot of patience, especially in terms of traffic. MAFIA really went for realistic mechanics back in its time and that's why it got the status it is known for, go over 60KPH (40MPH) and police will put a penalty, run the red light and the same will happen, try to escape and have them attempt to arrest you, shoot and they'll shoot back. And though it doesn't happen often in the main story, you gotta watch over gas and refill over at gas stations if you need to. Honestly the speed limit might bore the hell out of you, but it's not an unwelcome addition. (Though Lucas' auto's place certainly is LOL) The shooting in the game is satisfying especially the shotguns, the game doesn't have excessive range limitations and you can shoot people from far away with a simple revolver, as long as you can see them.
The game isn't open world in story mode though, though the city can be explored, it's not there for it. It's a very narrative driven experience and barely has you roaming around aimlessly. Though there's a free ride more that has you roam around at your own and your own rules.
The traffic AI is OK and the cars have some weight on them, making them hard to maneuver even at 60KPH.
Now the story, oh boy. The story is what got me into MAFIA. Tommy Angelo, a bigshot in Salieri's mob, tells his story to a detective in a cafe, and dude it's intriguing. It always keeps you on the edge, wanting you to see what happens next, you know at some point Tommy is gonna go AWOL, and you move on with the story seeking the answer to WHY? The game went for dark story as opposed to the goofy state of gaming back then and tried to tell a tale of blood, hatred, revenge, family and passion. Now there are certain sections of the story that don't make sense nowadays or feel cheap due to technical or financial limitations of the time. But you still get to like, respect and salute Thomas during the game. He is a bad guy, yes, but he is a good bad guy and you can feel why.
Overall, this game is an absolute legend of a nostalgia for me, and I thoroughly loved and enjoyed the experience I've had in the last week of playing this game. Check it out, it's a gold bar of the past!

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KayBee avatar
2022 Sep 28 19:59:58

Graphics in this game is absolutely perfect! I love it

woop woop (rafi0101) avatar
woop woop (rafi0101)
2022 Sep 28 19:45:47

got it when it was free. the racing minigame is very cool. 10/10 would review before finishing the story again.

kushsmoke420 avatar
2022 Sep 28 19:07:00

Games ass, point blank period. The shittiest controls/camera angles make it basically unplayable and its got the some of the stupidist mechanichs Ive ever seen (have to drive speed limit in game+ car constantly runs out of gas wtf?) Got the game because it was free and the other mafia games were good but this ones definatly trash.

GabsDgg avatar
2022 Sep 28 19:02:39


Pika-Boo avatar
2022 Sep 28 17:51:18

Loved the nostalgia trip!

fl0rea- avatar
2022 Sep 28 16:15:37

Piece of Art.

Water delivery guy avatar
Water delivery guy
2022 Sep 28 13:08:23

game age like milk, but i dont care cause i deliver water

Better Call Mohammed avatar
Better Call Mohammed
2022 Sep 28 07:05:00


Count Zyraxes avatar
Count Zyraxes
2022 Sep 27 19:50:46

italy simulator

dcvasallo426 avatar
2022 Sep 27 19:09:01

hours of fun. old school too!

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