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2022 Sep 22

Temtem Game Review by Dugazaur

Temtem has been on my radar since it entered early access, but I finally bought it at full price once it reached patch 1.0. This review is based solely on my experience playing the game in a full release context, and not influenced by early access, or any changes that may occur after the first couple weeks of launch. Before giving my overall impressions, it's important to address the elephant in the room and a common misconception.

The launch of the game includes both a battle pass (with a free and premium track) and a rotating premium shop. While you can technically obtain premium currency through gameplay, it is so sparse that you are unlikely to buy the battle pass or many items from the shop without paying real money. With that said, all of the items are cosmetic-only, completing the premium pass earns enough currency to buy a subsequent pass, and there are enough free cosmetic items in the game to satisfy a lot of players. Many people criticize the presence of microtransactions at all in a $45 game, but I found it unobtrusive enough to not significantly hinder my experience. The current rates that you gain pass progress are so astronomically low that I haven't felt any pressure to pay up. Those are my two-cents, but you be the judge.

Temtem is commonly considered an MMO, but I find that description to be somewhat debatable. Is it comparable to landmark MMOs such as World of Warcraft? Definitely not. There are only a limited handful of activities that require multiple players, or involve significant player interaction. However, seeing other players walk around in the world, engaging with the auction house, and co-op functionality are welcome MMO features that can significantly improve the experience for many. Most players will play the majority of the game solo, and that's fine, so long as you manage expectations.

Now that those two points are out of the way, I'll go through a rapid list of pros and cons:


  • The art style is great. Far better than any other 3D game of the genre.
  • The music is good, and battle SFX is a surprising standout.
  • The difficulty of the main story is perfectly tuned, at least for me as a semi-casual veteran of the genre.
  • The endgame systems are simple, but feel very rewarding. I have yet to thoroughly play the new endgame island, but the breeding and radar systems have been a satisfying grind.
  • The core combat is really strong. The stamina system adds a lot of depth, status changes feel less oppressive but still impactful, and synergies are fun to base strategies around but not too limiting.


  • The story is very basic. For what it's worth, I wasn't really looking for a strong story and skipped most of the dialogue. Some fights felt properly cinematic and important, however.
  • Stability isn't great for a 1.0 launch. I've gotten stuck between NPCs and impassable terrain and had to teleport out, crashed several times, bugged my Temtem storage boxes, and been unable to complete a quest. None of it has been game breaking, and many of these issues are supposed to be addressed in the next patch, but it's the type of thing that you would hope to be hotfixed in a matter of days, or ironed out before launch completely.
  • UI elements can be quite clunky. Most of my issues are with the auction house, which frequently doesn't register filters or include quality of life features. Why can't I filter items by categories, or check a box to filter by perfect SVs instead of painstakingly inputting it every time? For a game with otherwise great polish, some of these quirks seem to be sorely out of place.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed Temtem and found it to be well worth full price. It's nice to have a proper competitor to the the behemoth that is Pokemon in what I would have previously considered a stale genre. The inspirations are clear as day, but I believe Crema have made a game that successfully builds upon the classics and finally brings a 3D monster taming game into the modern era. It isn't a perfect game, and has elements that could be a deal breaker for some, but I would highly recommend any fan of the genre to give it a try when it is at a price that is worth it for you.

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2022 Sep 29 01:56:41


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2022 Sep 26 01:59:54

Love this game! Its got everything I always wanted in a pokemon game but done better tbh. Love it so much!

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2022 Sep 25 21:40:00

I bought this game the day it became available for early access. It was much cheaper back then. I always figured I'd come back and play again at full release. Now they want $45.00 to play a game that's Pay-To-Win. Seriously. They made a paid game pay-to-win. Crema made a promising game and turned it into a shameless cash grab. That's one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen a developer do. I regret ever buying this game and I'm almost positive I paid less than $30.00. They'll never get another penny from me.

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2022 Sep 25 14:19:09

Its fun However Co-op is very buggy, have had multiple crashes and game getting stuck that requires restart

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2022 Sep 24 07:04:08

The battle pass has killed all goodwill I had with this game. The price hike was fine but premium currency and a battle pass in a paid game is unacceptable.

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2022 Sep 24 01:52:23


2022 Sep 23 22:12:11

Pokemon but less battle rng that you can play with your friends. Solid and more adult than pokemon story with definitely a lot to grind for if you want too. Tons to do and explore with a lot of PVE and PVP options. What more could you want?

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2022 Sep 23 18:40:44

This is an amazing game. Honestly. I stopped liking Pokemon a long time ago, as it just always felt the same. Little innovation, no online coop, etc... This game ticks all the boxes of what Pokemon should be. The TemTem are original, the animations are REALLY good, the story is intriguing, the coop is seamless, SV/TV's (The EV/IV equivalent of Pokemon) is way better done and easier to understand. They even have items to add or subtract TV's so you don't screw your TemTem up by beating the wrong one. They have global trading and fun items. All in all, a really fun game.

BananaR777 avatar
2022 Sep 23 17:15:40

Microtransations in a full priced game is grealty frown on, but as long its cosmetic it is not that bad. On top of that there is something you can get in game for free as well, yeah its pricey but manageable. Now the game its, its actually quite fun and challenging, with 160+ temtems you got some option to work with. Graphics look pleasent with a tropic& cartoony artsytle vibe to give you a relaxing and colorful scenery. overall I give this game an 8/10.

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2022 Sep 23 15:25:20

Last minute battle pass. Yikes

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