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2022 Sep 22

Shadow Warrior 2 Game Review by Nahan_boker

2nd installment of modern reboot of Shadow Warrior. The game that rival to Doom back in the day. The 2nd game upgrades graphics, gameplay, menus, UI and many more. A truly next installment that upgrades the game. A must buy if you become fan after finishing the 1st game lol.
+ The graphics revamped so much. Theres a DOF, Dynamic shadow, better lightning, foliages now windy and moving, particles cooler, etc. Graphics truly updated. No complain at all
+ Blood and wet now visible
+ The gameplay is now felt modern, let me mention few:
+ The map is huge and provide more options to explore, vertical or horizontal. The base game felt horizontal and linear in SW1.
+ No awkward sight buttons in keyboard, now like modern FPS its RMB
+ No fall damage (thank god bcs this is kill me more than actual enemies in 1st game lol)
+ Double jump and dash (a thing that should be in 1st game)
+ Dash and Run is different now, also no more stamina. So we can rjn and dash without stamina restriction.
+ Ladders
+ Every weapon now has iron sights with RMB, we can actually change what weapon to use in menu, no more forced to remember what weapon occupy what numbered hotkeys anymore. Also dont upgrade weapon we dont like.
+ Theres many weapon to choose, multiple pistol, shotguns, SMG, etc. Also each weapon still have unique special things about them. So many weapons!!
+ Upgrades of weapons is vary and contain elementals bonus that also can be upgraded, upgrades also to armors, etc.
+ The UI of menu now felt modern, even tho i kinda dislike the main menu and loading tho.
+ HUD also improved, theres minimap, an icon to show where you should go, missions/side missions now stick on right panels so you dont forget (i often stuck in 2st game not knowing where to go or forget what to do)
+ The gore/physics improved, now we can chops enemy to literal bits, almost like selling it to butchery size lol
+ The gun play also improved, no more bullet sponge feeling anymore and inaccuracy shooting far enemies. Headshot and hit weak spot mean something now.
+ We can hit friendly NPC lol(Finally even they judt spew blood and unfazed)
+ There is side missions!! I never expected a thing like this in game lol. Not only exp/cash they can give you weapons/upgrades!!
- The UI is better but the background menu felt cheap (Just still image of Lo Wang rodong his car fast without context felt like cheap unity games, thr color palletes is SEGA Yakuza white,grey, gold is cool. But the image ruin it lol. Why not dragons/katana/kanji/any artistic drawing of shadow warrior put with it?)
- The HUD felt too crowded now, SW1 HUD is stylish and simple, only show your health with numbers and weapon ammo. Now The health bar filled the bottom left of screen, bottom right is filled with gun icon that well we can see what kind of weapon we equip. Theres no holstering weapon in game so theres no need to used weapon icons that big..)
- Minimaps and hotkey M maps that bigger doesnt serve differences aside get map looks bigger. Why not as toggle to hide HUD??
- Secrets is easier to find and guess. SW1 secrets is blend so well with environtment. So its fun to seek. Now its obvious. Still fun to collect but kinda ruining the expectations and observing maps than SW1 to find secrets.
- The enemy design altought more uniques than 1st game kinda too cartooney. The 1st game too similar to doom ik, but the 2nd game design felt like from TMNT. They look more asian influenced but "Western style asian" than actual asian design. Its a love/hate things for me.
- There is less things to destroy.

Thats so far that i noticed lol, after I finished this might be change. I reviewing with smartphone so expect typo lol. So far definitely recommended

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2022 Sep 27 18:57:25

Amazing game, crazy fun, very fast paced! SW2 takes the general formula of the first game and improves on it 10 fold by giving you a far superior arsenal of weapons to choose from with varying rarities and unique/exotic effects, an open world map and safe hub to resupply and buy new gear or craft new upgrades that you can teleport between at your leisure, bounty board, side-missions and the abilities to free roam at your leisure if you want to farm or find unique world bosses. Additionally you can level up and earn skill points to upgrade skills that you can learn from missions or find on bosses. You find yourself generally following that typical path of feeling a little underwhelming at first but just like any game with a leveling and upgrade system you eventually become extremely powerful, very fast and very hard to kill...especially with the right setup of weapons and upgrades equipped, it all happens within a fairly short period of time too so you aren't left feeling like you're doing limp noodle damage for too long and the game keeping you feeling high and dry. I just love the fact that even though the map is quite sizeable, the speed, jump and dash is incredible for getting around in a flash, you take no fall damage either so you can go mental. Honestly I can't point out anything bad about this game, it just is what it is and it gives you exactly what it says it will, its really satisfying and great to let off some steam just decimating hordes of creatures. Just don't go in expecting some superior story-rich experience...its full of extremely crude and hilarious jokes, usually about dicks, farts, sex and masturbation and I couldn't stop laughing, my inner child was highly amused. There IS a story there, of course but unless you're taking your time you can easily gloss over the details in favour of intense battles. The only con I can really think I could give the game is probably the slow ass reloading times on each weapon, something I really appreciated about games like Serious Sam where you just had a pool of ammo and could shoot until you were out and I feel like them having that style would have been in the games favour I think personally, but that's just me! Don't throw loads of enemies at me and have me reloading constantly! Oh and the game didn't look half bad either, nice to look at, great detail on weapons, fluid animations, fat loading times and well optimised with not a crash or stutter in sight. Fully recommend 10/10

0SilverCloud0 avatar
2022 Sep 26 21:08:33

This is much more in your face like the SW of old. And has a good story and plot line to boot. Even stories within stories and extra side missions and bounties. So much content and so little Wang to go round.

SMGZERO6 avatar
2022 Sep 25 14:17:58

Enemies lag and teleport nonstop in co op making it unplayable.

Paulsac010 avatar
2022 Sep 24 14:23:18

its fun

JokersWild avatar
2022 Sep 23 21:26:03

Fun game, a nice hack and slash with a bundle of dark comedy mixed in.

angelduo935 avatar
2022 Sep 23 20:29:32

i love this game its very fun and i would play it forever if i could

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