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2022 Sep 22

Space Haven Game Review by Zid's

What can I say about this masterpiece. What an entertaining game!

I hate early access because of some companies, but let me say, Bugbyte you have pushed the needle the other way.

This game is a timesink. I feel it really hits all the triggers for me. Space, the FTL style world exploration, base building but on the go (brilliant), the music is ok but I guess it becomes really repetitive after a while.

I loved the complexity of organizing your colony. It's not overwhelming but it has a pretty good level of detail. You can understand how the developers tried to think things out and create pleasing complexity in ship development. Also, I have to say, I'm a huge nerd of basebuilding games and the AI of this game is one of the best I've seen. They correctly prioritize tasks with little input and usually, whenever there's something failing in the ship, I found it to be my fault doing something (like forgetting to undraft) rather than unoptimized task prioritizing.

There are issues though, so I thought I'd say some suggestions towards development. The basebuilding aspect is pretty far ahead and I love it. The ship combat could use a little more complexity (for instance, how about navigators adding dodge ?). The derelicts make no sense. Bathroom corridors, double walls through the middle of the ship for no reason, weird, nonsensical ship configurations... Also, it would be interesting if you could somewhat partially repair and power the ship so your crew isn't always running around for air. Pawn combat is hard to grasp. I don't understand what can be used as cover and what can't. Pawns won't use cover for side shooting, for instance. Some things you can cover behind, others you can't and it's hard to tell the difference, so I guess I mostly ignored cover mechanics. There's huge potential there though.

When you get to the story, I think walls of text are a bit pace breaking. I recommend eventually you get voice acting for the story line. The story right now I think really goes nowhere. It's just text. Kinda sad, because the text tells you to use the Artifact, but yeah, no artifact. The jumping around gets old after two systems and you realize, except for minor differences, they're pretty much all the same and it gets old really quick (I parked the ships while basebuilding for most of the game because of how boring it is rn, mostly just trading for what I needed and jumping elsewhere when I really needed). Still, the potential for more is there.

The whole refugee permissions thing needs work. You can't just copy-paste prisoner code, rename it and having it make sense. Refugees should be allowed to use the colony's canteen. Having to manually fix hull breaches is a drag and unexplained. NPC interactions need work. You might just want the slaves freed from a slaver ship, but they just offer you resources in exchange for a ceasefire, so you're forced to board them and kill them all to free the slaves. I wish you could take hypersleep chamber people as refugees when your colony is topped up. I wish interior walls had diagonality like hulls and windows would go diagonal too.

The draft system needs work. I mean, you have all these fall backs, like warning the player if a pawn or a ship has been drafted too long, urging the player to remember to undraft after a derelict exploration on the tutorial and so on, but you're kinda missing the point. I forgot drafted pawns so many times and it shows that during playtesting this also happened a lot, so that's why there are so many warnings. This is the wrong approach. You know the desire paths people make when crossing grass, even though there's paths available ? Well stop forcing people into paved paths and pave over the desire paths. I suggest a visible marker whenever anything is drafted or just watch what people intuively do and program something along those lines. Right now it's the opposite of intuitive, it's very much a trained skill to always remember to undraft or relax system priorities.

Anyways, that's the thoughts i got for the devs from the playthrough I had so far. I'll probably shelve this for a while and hope to see more. It really is a great and entertaining game. I see a lot of replayability potential and I love how much this game just triggers the imagination.

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adrian avatar
2022 Sep 27 02:45:00

Very promising for a game in alpha, but not quite there yet. The potential of new content coming to this game is exciting given the state of it. For most people I’d advise they wait for a beta, or finish game. But if you really like these types of space survival games, give it a go, or wait for a sale.

AwkwardAntares avatar
2022 Sep 26 21:14:39

Tedious with questionable design decisions. Imagine if you will, your ship is attacked by pirates, the hull is falling apart and it's only a matter of time before it's destroyed. You have a shuttle that seats 4 but you have 6 crewmen, two have to stay behind. You board the shuttle and undock just as another salvo of rounds comes in and destroys your homeship, a notification flashing up to confirm the loss of those onboard. You have no home and limited oxygen, your only choice to board the pirate vessel. You dock, they were waiting in the hangar and it's a hard fought battle where two more of your number go down, no mercy is given to the pirates who try to surrender. The two remaining crewmen are bloodied, exhausted, starving and barely holding onto life. It's at this point the two survivors decide that they can't consume any of the food that's onboard, nor will they make use of any of the onboard facilities, in fact they won't capture the ship that they so desperately fought for. They'll sort of just wander around and given the freedom to do so they'll board the shuttle and wander around on the floating wreck of your homeship. The game will allow you to capture literal floating pieces of trash, but board and wipe out an enemy crew? Nope, there is no logic as to why they won't capture a ship that's actually functioning.....

tobozo avatar
2022 Sep 25 14:57:34

excellent game if you don't mind the recurring sounds, especially the shitty flute from the juke box :-)

Sam avatar
2022 Sep 25 14:07:27

really good, but need more content for mid and late game, and also need improvement in combat, it still in early access and the dev keep updating the game, it has huge potential in the future. but for now better wait for sale if you want to buy it

Hg DevWorks avatar
Hg DevWorks
2022 Sep 25 10:03:45

The game concept is Great, yet the content is shallow and difficult. Not worth your money. Sorry Dev should abandon and make V2.

Kopan920 avatar
2022 Sep 24 21:37:11

It's Quite Fun And To Think That It's Just In Alpha Can't Wait To See What Comes Next

ruabeo226 avatar
2022 Sep 24 08:16:36

The game concept is charming, yet the content is shallow. Game controls and character mechanics are very bulky and difficult to handle.

Force21 avatar
2022 Sep 23 22:29:24

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