Zamboni Simulator 2019

  • Stay Small Studios
  • Indie
  • Free to Play
  • Simulation

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Zamboni Simulator 2019 is a brief but meaningful drive into the depths of a working class every-man. A professional ice resurfacer for a semi-pro hockey team, our main character has had a life full of love and sorrow, a life of popularity gained and lost, and a life of families formed and broken.

In this game you will live the exciting life of a professional ice resurfacer. You will be able to do the most intricate and complex parts of his job, including turning on the resurfacer, raising and lowering the resurfacing blade, driving in ALL FOUR directions, and most importantly contemplating life, absurdity, nihilism and death.

This game's fully voiced narration will lead the player on a non-linear story through the emotionally complicated mind of Cyrus, you will listen to him recount his story to you as you take control of his actions to resurface ice as quickly and neatly as you can. This game will pose the tough choices to the player, choices such as 'Do I do clockwise or counterclockwise circles around the ice' and... Well that's it, really. And even that doesn't really matter. Nothing matters.

Or does it?

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