Write 'n' Fight

  • AVOS'
  • Action
  • Indie
  • Massively Multiplayer

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The greatest writers of all time are fighting each other in the arenas that were inspired by their work. Each character can summon his own "magic" arena where he becomes the boss of the level for a short amount of time. Each character can be knocked out with one hit in standing in "danger" zone. Once the "magic" arena is summoned by one of the 15 combatants - the fighting game becomes an arcade while the "boss" player is trying to defeat the opponent before the magic arena time runs out.

Included game modes:

- 2x Speed mode - a good way to train superhuman reaction

- Prophet mode - turns the game into a turn-based strategy in a way. Both players blindly enter the string of commands without knowing the commands of the opponent. Once the required number of commands is entered both characters start executing them.

- Retro mode - Pixelated graphics, old but gold.

- I know Kung Foo - AI game mode where the AI is trying really hard to loose to you making it look as cool as possible.

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