Vektor Z

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Vektor Z brings fast and furious retro space blasting action to Steam! Blast your way through endless waves of asteroids and enemies to write you name among the stars for all to see! Vektor Z offers both relentless action and vibrant visuals that is certain to have you playing again and again!

More than just blasting asteroids:
Once you've mastered the virtual dangers enough, you'll start opening up several all new challenges that will present you with all new challenges rarely or never before seen in a space blaster like this! One challenge will force you to face the dangers of every asteroid, bullet, and even yourself being sucked into a black hole and yet another will require you to sacrifice your own safety to protect a mother ship from the dangers of space at all costs!

Original, exhilarating music along with unique custom drawn art make Vektor Z an unforgettable gaming experience for both old school and new gamers alike!


W key: Thrusts you forward in the direction you currently face

A & D keys: Rotate your ship Left and Right respectively

LEFT MOUSE BUTTON: Shoots, Hold down or mash repeatedly to fire faster shots

RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON: Hyperspace gets you out of harms way and teleports you to a random
location on the screen (No protection vs landing on an asteroid)

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