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In norse mythology, they say that if you die in battle on the earth you get to Valhall, where you get to fight again until you die, only until the next morning when you are reborn to feast and fight again. The creators of this app are direct descendants of the very vikings that were living during the times when these ancient stories were written, and for that reason want to honor the ancestry with this game. Furthermore, it is important to note that Valhall is the correct way to say the name of the mysterious hall of fighting in the afterlife that have been described by Odin and the other gods from Asgard, although some other languages insist on calling it Valhalla.

It is also important to realize that the guys back in the Viking ages didn't have all the accessories of modern warfare that we do today, so you can only imagine what those battles would have looked like if they did. Valhall 2000 let's you combine that fun battling with retro style 2D platformer gameplay! So challenge your friends and enemies to endless battles in Valhall 2000! This game lets you invite your foes to fight head to head in a 2D platformer style shooter. Pick up an AK47 or a Rocket Launcher and blast them all!

Available on all operating systems on desktop computers, and also Android and iOS, so it is perfect to play when you have friends over who all didn't bring their laptops.

There are both fighting based maps, racing and climbing maps where you collect coins and kill enemies, and pure zombie maps. For Adventure and Zombie you can cooperate to get the best possible high score.

It is also possible to make your own maps using the Open Source Map Editor "Tiled".

You can either play on the internet where you can join online games, or host your own game so that others can join, or simply play on local area network if your friends (or enemies!) are on the same WiFi.

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