• DAX Entertainment
  • Strategy
  • Indie
  • Casual
  • Simulation

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What is Utopia?

  • City builder simulator
  • Procedurally generated Islands
  • Pleasant and relaxing environment
  • More than 30 game buildings in collection
  • Roads, biomes, city and production centres
  • Islanders who live in your cities
  • Complete missions and achieve new buildings for future games!
  • World wonder challenge levels
  • Free play mode
  • Each round is unique and everything that happens depends on the player's actions

What are the game rules?

  • The gameplay is quite intuitive. You start on an empty island, with a standard set of construction blueprints on hand that you can place. Placing buildings awards points. The number of points you get depends on what surrounds the building, when you place it. Collect points to improve your island and unlock new buildings.
  • Once your island is developed enough, you can advance to the next island. If you run out of buildings, the game ends.

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