Turn off the light

  • SoSad
  • Action
  • Indie
  • Adventure

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Someone, for whom you will have to decide his further outcome, got lost deep in his thoughts, imagining his daily life as the most terrible and strange nightmare. The protagonist is on the verge of a sound idea, gradually going crazy. This is evidenced by the gradual change of the environment during the game. You will have to decide whether the main character will be able to cope with his problem or whether he will fall into a deep abyss, from which, this time, he will not be able to get out.

Gameplay Features

  • Explore the game space and solve puzzles.
  • Avoid dangerous opponents in various possible ways.
  • The game has several endings.
  • Deep meaning.
  • Enjoy the enclosed space and constant tension.


One of the features of the game is the atmosphere. Each location has its own dark and mysterious atmosphere. Minimalistic graphics create an additional effect of tension and alertness.

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