Tkium Exclusion Area

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  • Indie

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Tkium Exclusion Area is an horror escape game.
This place is an asylum. It has been evacuated, but why? You need to get out of this place, and quickly. Even if this area looks abandoned, nothing can confirm that you are really alone.
You have to leave quickly, the fear is taking over you.
You are not alone in this place. Someone, or something, hunts the last survivors.
Bad things happen in the darkest places.
Be aware of where you are.

This game is a one-time play, meaning that there is only one storyline and restarting it will not change any of the objects.

The area is fully locked down due to unknow incidents.
Find the ways to open each door, and to escape the area as fast as possible.
Be aware of your insanity: it can lead you to death. You need to get out of this place before the counter reaches 100%.
The timer shows how long you have been in here.

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