Tiger Hunt

  • Digital Fusion Inc.
  • Action
  • Casual
  • Simulation

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Storm the continent of europe during WWII! You break out of normandy into artillery pounding action, menacing mines and a maelstrom of machine gun fire. Your maneuverable M-4 Sherman tank leads the hard-fought hunt for the enemy. As you push threw fearsome armor piercing German tanks tread lightly as you clear the virtual villages, beaches and farm fields, as the fearsome expert German Tank aces eager to knock your lights out. It takes a tanker like you with courage and cunning to go face to face with the enemy aces and the terrifying tiger tank.

- Immersive arcade-like explosions and combat clatter.
- Mighty war machines in blueprint precise detail.
- Historically accurate weapons and combat situations.
- Exquisitely detailed virtuial villages, beaches, bridges, railroads, rivers and more...
- Play mission after mission against incredible enemy intelligence.

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