The Oort Cloud 2020

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A classic side-scrolling shoot´em up returns in a new look. Powered by the Unreal Engine, this 2.5D action scroller puts you in control of the IAV, the first interstellar attack vessel built by humans. The human race is under attack. A huge alien vessel is approaching our solar system fast and you need to stand against them. Fight the aliens in ten unique levels, get deeper into the alien ship and find out what drives the alien forces from within. Active abilities, such as time dilation (bullet-mode), cloak and homing missiles help to defeat even the cruelest enemies. Research new alien technology and improve your ship to get ready for bigger and stronger enemies. Once you defeat the final enemy, play again on a harder difficulty... new technology and more enemies await on each replay.

Active Abilities
  • Slow down time with the time dilation device. This will make it easier to avoid enemy shoots and allow you to hunt down even the fastest of enemies. Maybe you can even avoid enemy missiles with this?
  • Cloak your ship and make it impossible for enemies to fire at you. You can still get hit, so be careful. Very helpful when there is little room to dodge enemy fire or you want to defend against enemy missiles.
  • Fire back homing missiles at your foes. These little helpers will make you life easier and help to clean the battle field faster.

Gamepad Support
The Oort Cloud 2020 can be played with keyboard controls only but playing it with your Gamepad is ten times more fun. Using your gamepad will give you finer control about the ship, making it more fun to play.

Tech Tree
54 Skill Points wait to be spent on alien technology to improve your ship. With every level completed you will get more skill points (depending on difficulty) which you can then spent to make your ship more powerful. You will need them to beat the game on the hard or extraterrestrira setting, so spend them wisely.

Featuring 14 epic tracks from Fesliyan Studios
The game features 14 epic tracks from Fesliyan Studios, providing the right musical background to set the scene. Tune up your speakers and enjoy.

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