The Dinosaurs Are Here

  • White Spear Studio
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Simulation

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The Dinosaurs Are Here is a physics-based sandbox game set in a nowadays park where you can control a dinosaur.
Hunt for humans and try to survive against the park security guards!

The game features procedural animations, an advanced dinosaur IK system, and ragdoll humans that you can grab, eat and throw as a dinosaur.
You will need to manage your hunger, thirst, health, and stamina during your play.

The game is set on a beautiful huge park with football fields, baseball fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, ponds, restaurants, bars, and much more!
You will be able to find lots of hidden secrets and unlock amazing achievements if you like exploring!


You will be able to control your head and tail in a simple yet advanced way.
Rotate your head to better target your attacks or simply throw an object that you've already grabbed in a specific direction.


Grab humans and have fun with them!
Depending on the angle of your attacks you will have the possibility to take a human from his hands, legs, neck, or spine.


Each object will be pickable depending on your mass and the object's mass.
That means that a big dinosaur will have a better chance to pick a big object, while a small dinosaur will only be able to pick smaller objects.
Also, bigger objects will mean slower head movement when holding them, which translates into smaller throw distances.


The AI will have an advanced perception system that will rely on sight and hearing.
If you make too many noises they will be able to hear you from a great distance and escape if they are normal civilians or chase you if they are security guards.


  • Physics-based dinosaur game
  • Huge map with lots of secrets and achievements
  • Survival & hunting game mechanics
  • Advanced AIs with perception systems that are able to hear, see and predict

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