Super Rhythm Duel

  • Action
  • Indie
  • RPG

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In Rhythm City, crime and chaos are disturbing. The balance between gangs is out of balance, the government is rotten, you must defeat the powerful enemies in Super Rhythm Duel, and restore the order of the city.

Super Rhythm Duel is a rhythm-based action game. Follow the beat, master the rhythmic patterns and posture system to beat them all.

  • Fighting in retro 2D sprites

  • Learn to input rhythmic patterns to perform versatile skills

  • Each enemy has tricky combat style, and you need to counter their actions to beat them

  • Try to equip different gears and upgrade skills to make combat easier

X: to put a red note / confirm
Z: to put a blue note / cancel
M: to collect a yellow note
arrows: move select in menus

Things we are working on:
  • A completed campaign mode
  • Add roguelite mechanics to improve the diversities of gameplay
  • More types of enemies, skills, gears and stages
  • Player versus player mode

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