Submarine war

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This is a military shooting game. Players need to find an aircraft carrier while driving a submarine and use torpedoes to sink the aircraft carrier to win the game. Players not only need to concentrate on attacking the aircraft carrier in the game, but also pay attention to the large number of artillery attacks by the aircraft carrier on the player. Flexible positioning and excellent shooting are important factors to defeat the aircraft carrier.

Main features
Realistic ocean-3D in submarine warfare makes players feel like they are diving, and the action is unfolding right before their eyes.
 Fierce strategy - Submarine War provides a fierce 3D shooting game, you can try to use torpedoes to quickly sink the enemy aircraft carrier. Need to pay attention to avoid the bullets fired by the enemy. This exciting action mode has a strong shooting game element.
 Observe and predict - it is important that you pay attention to how far the enemy ships are from you, how fast they move, and their heading: this will allow you to find the best time to launch a torpedo and hit the target.

Move back and forth: w, s;
Turn left and right: a, d;
Floating: Space;
Sink: shift;
Angle of view: mouse movement;
Attack: Left mouse button;
Menu: esc/tab;

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