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There was a time when The Agent was one of the most ass-kickingest special operatives on the block. Now, he's just your reclusive grandfather who doesn't give anyone the time of day - or didn't, until now. After granddad opens up to your mother again following years of solitude, you find yourself standing in front of his manor one rainy day for a weekend visit.

What follows is a tense, action-packed adventure spanning the various decades of The Agent's career. Acid-washed maniacs, a hulking mute with a gatling gun, tanks and soldiers and dogs - these only scratch the surface of the roller coaster.

Buckle up and knuckle down, baby, because things are gonna get crazy!


  • Zero to sixty – experience low-key tension one moment and explosive mayhem the next. Be ready for anything.
  • Watch your step – You're a normal human! You can only take so much punishment. A few bullets and you're toast. Explosions? Forget it! You're dead! Be careful not to kill yourself with your own grenades, or accidentally shoot destructible objects while you're standing right next to 'em.
  • Roll, Gun, Roll! - Don't expect to waltz your way into a crowd of soldiers or guards and come out the other side unscathed unless you kick ass – a group of enemies will quickly overwhelm you unless you've mastered the art of rollin' and gunnin'!
  • Reactive environment – Most things explode, to your advantage and also to your detriment. So just – be careful, all right?
  • Be ready to die – SOS is full of tough bosses. You might wanna scream, and we encourage it because screaming is good for you!


Your grandfather's got some wild stories, kiddo! Different objects in his study trigger them. Each one features new characters, time periods, and narratives from the Agent's decades-long career. SOS launches with two exciting stories:

  • (1982) MIGHT OF THE STEEL HAND: Take down insane whackjob Lt. Fanibhusan and the Steel Hand Army before they wreck an unstable region's only hope at peace!
  • (1987) SIERRA NEVER: When a leading science lab goes rogue and kidnaps the Order of the Green's Dr. Brooke, it's up to Agent to infiltrate the compound and rescue her. Rumor has it an old friend is hot on the Agent's trail and seeking the good Doctor for his own gains...


SOS is part of THE ATTACK PACK, which also includes THE GREY MAN and QUACK ATTACK 1985: TURBO DX EDITION. WOW, that's a bundle with three whole games in it! That's so much game for your money that we're literally losing our minds thinking about it. CHECK IT OUT HERE:

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