Snakepit Larry

  • Gene-Z Games
  • Action
  • Indie
  • Adventure

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Zé Tinhoso discovered that on the island of Cocolumba there are crystal skulls, which together open a portal to another dimension.

With these objects, in combination with a terrible idea, he performed an evil ritual to join the angel Maloquias and conquer the island of Cocolumba enslaving its inhabitants.

Knowing this, the great explorer Larry Snakepit, quickly set out to retrieve the crystal skulls hidden by Zé Tinhoso and finally in his evil plans.

Now it's up to you to help explorer Larry in this adventure full of challenges and dangerous creatures.

Use your pistol to neutralize the threats scattered across the island, as well as your pickaxe to open paths and discover hidden treasures and items.

A giant map to browse and explore, returning to old areas and discovering new secrets as you progress through the adventure.

Enjoy a 16-bit retro style game.

Ctrl = Shoot
Space = Skip
Shift = Mining
Arrows / AWSD = move
Enter = Pause
M = Show Map

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