SlimeJumper : Ultimate Jump

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SlimeJumper: Ultimate Jump is a 2D platformer. There are over 50 levels to master, from easy to hardcore. Control your Slime with the keyboard or with a controller. Prove yourself against other players in online multiplayer.

| Tutorial | - Learn the basics in the tutorial levels.

| 50 levels | - There are 50 levels that you have to master and collect all coins to unlock an extra!

{The single player can also be played without internet!}

| 1vs1 | - Play against another player

| 4 players | - Play against 3 other players and higher you rank, you get more SlimeCoins!

| 25 players | - Play against 24 other players. (Only if the Kickstarter campaign is successful)

SlimeCoins are coins that you can use to collect in-game things (e. g. Skins). You can get SlimeCoins by playing online against other players.

SlimeCoins: Use these coins to get Ingame Items (e. g. Skins).

Golden SlimeCoins: Use these coins to get Ingame Items (e. g. SlimeCoins (GREEN), Special Skins).

Trade SlimeCoins to get Skins for your Slime.

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