Root Out

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Come play with friends in this garden treasure hunting festival! Hide your trinket from the other Stemlings and find theirs before time runs out! Can you outwit the competition and gather the most points?

Casual Party Game with Friends

Play with up to 9 of your friends or make new ones by joining an online public lobby. Root Out also supports private lobbies where you and your bestest of friends can host an exclusive festival of your own! Playing on Mac? Don't worry you're invited too! Root Out is playable on both PC and MacOS.

Lively Visuals

Find unique and creative hiding spots in our vibrant environments. Items can be hidden anywhere so it's important to be clever when hiding and be vigilant when hunting items down. Just dont get to distracted by the fellow Stemlings!

Multiple Game Modes

There is a game mode for everyone!

• Free for All: Everyone has to hide their unique trinket. Then locate another players trinket to score points.
• Needle: Players must hide a needle trinket and win by finding as many needles as possible.
• Frenzy: A race to see who can find other players' trinkets the fastest.
• The Spy: One player is tasked with hiding a trinket from everyone else.


• Customization: Customize the look of your Stemlings. 300 unique color combinations!
• Game options: Need more time to hide? Need the locator leaf at the start? No problem!
• In-game text chat!
• Emotes!
• Level/game mode voting!

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