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rog N' mon mixes two big genres, Creature Capturing/Combat and Roguelike. That is, every time you play you will be placed in a procedurally generated room based level where your goal will be to defeat the 8 Gym Masters of the current game. To do that, you will need to continuously enrich your team by capturing new monsters and training them to get stronger and evolve. Every time you beat a Gym Master, you will get to the next level where you will encounter harder challenges each and every time.


Every game is divided in 8 levels each of them with their own Gym Master. Every level will have it's own theme and random properties, such as the predominant type of the monsters you will encounter. In every level you will find the Gym where the Master is located, a healing center and at least one merchant where you will be able to buy and sell items such as healing potions or even utils like a fishing rod. There is also a chance for a Legendary monster of great power to appear in the level, but you will need to explore in depth the level to find it. You may also encounter villages with friendly inhabitants that might help you in your journey.

Combat system

rog N' mon follows the classic turn based combat found on most turn based creature capturing games, but it replaces the speed mecanic (the fastest creature with the fastest attack goes first) with letting the player decide when your monster should attack. If you decide to go first, you attack will be stronger, but you will also receive more damage, on the other hand, if you decide to go second you will receive less damage but your attack will be weaker. The percentages affecting increase/decrease in damage and defense percentage can be modified by items.

Slow frame rate due to gif upload limitations

By playing and defeating Gym Masters, you will unlock more and more content, things like monster types, items, and even new regions. This game aims at offering a shorter yet unique experience into the Creature Capturing genre. Adding Roguelike elements to it allows the game to create new and challenging scenarios to face every time you play, making each playthrough different.

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