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  • Massively Multiplayer
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Jump into speedy hazard-packed Robo battles with up to 15 other players where random series of synchronized events destroy the fighting arena. Everyone zooms around the level bumping, drifting, and flipping to become the ultimate winner by being the last one standing in an ongoing stage of madness. Join a sumo-inspired experience with a rush of energetic motor buzz where even the hardest hits and coolest tricks might not save you from the mayhem on the screen.

There is no lack of insane collisions in Robosquare! From a massive pile-up at the start of a sumo match to crazy 1v1 controlled clashes, the gameplay is nothing short of electronic warfare. Grow your momentum and deliver that deafening blow to anyone standing in your way.


Friends can make any experience better, but bringing them into a battle bots warzone is a whole other story! Either take your secret frustrations out on each other or show off your combined skills! Playing with a group, or a party enhances the gameplay, with hours of fun!


Enjoy variations of three main game modes, sumo, boss of the hill, and race. Within each match, the core gameplay of thrusting others out of the map doesn't change. Yet, different tasks within each game mode will get you customization currency known as scrap. While racing, hit epic jumps, maneuver around obstacles, and take caution of dangerous timed events to reach the finish line first. If fate spawns you into a sumo deathmatch, navigate the actively changing platforms with the might of your driving skills. Keep in mind; only one bot will be victorious. Do not be surprised when among the mayhem of constantly dropping platforms, other players will ram you from all directions hoping to knock you off into the abyss.


Show your style with your very own customization! Catch your enemies off guard with an aggressive art style calling them into battle. Receive honorary items only the most elite robot drivers possess through the earning of scrap. From a Zen garden body to snow-globe wheels, you may use this in-game currency to completely redesign the look of your rig.


There are daily and weekly challenges for you to complete in Robosquare! Start by being able to complete a race in under 5 minutes or eliminating 10 opponents. This is a fast way of earning the in-game currency known as scrap. You can then use it in the shop to buy customizations! All shop items and some challenges are on a daily rotation so that every time you come back there is something new to achieve or purchase.

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