Roads Of Rome: Portals Collector's Edition

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  • Simulation

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A valiant Centuria was returning home after a victorious campaign. Suddenly, a storm, which was rapidly approaching the ship, appeared on the horizon. The team prepared for the worst. A monstrous storm broke out. The ship was tossed from side to side, and giant waves were covering it one after another. The squad was already saying their last farewells to life. The incredible storm, having played enough with the ship, smashed it like a toy on the rocks of a deserted island. Fortunately, many managed to survive.

The small, lifeless island seemed to promise nothing but death. The surviving centurians wandered through it in search of food, but found only the entrance to the cave. The Romans entered the cave. And they froze in surprise when they saw something strange and magical in front of them, something that looked like a portal. After a brief consultation, the squad decided to meet their fate and go into this portal. There was nothing else they could do. And they bravely stepped into the unknown.

By some quirk of fate, a group of brave Romans found themselves in mysterious worlds. Help them find their way back home. Build settlements, clear paths, defeat enemies. All for the glory of Rome!
Open portals and caches - help the heroes survive!

Game features:
- 40 colorful levels and one bonus level;
- Very familiar, but improved gameplay;
- 4 difficulty modes;
- Multi-click mode;
- 2 object selection modes;
- Hard-to-find caches.

Collector's Edition:
- 8 additional levels;
- Desktop wallpapers;
- Music track;
- Cache maps for all levels;
- Automatic guide for completing levels.

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