Rising of the Moon - Part 1

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A fun, story rich RPG for those who want some challenge.

-Do you really love potato?
-Do you hate flowers or ragweed?
-Do you like throwing away priceless artifacts?
-Do you like trying to beat that boss again after the 5th time?
-Does your life sorely lack a game where you can choose which plate of chicken is the least burnt inbetween beating up enemies?
-When you see someone trying to steal, do you ponder if you should teach them a lifelong wisdom or just punch the living hell out of them?

If you answered Yes to any of these, this RPG is the game for you!

Rising of the Moon - Part 1 is all about these, and more.

Join the story of Robert, the stoic warrior with PTSD, Ben, the buff, aggressive but friendly sailor, and Lorien, the hot-headed mage girl with reckless behaviour and acute pyromania.

Take part in decisions, which either shape the current story, or have far-reaching consequences at the ending. Also, feel free to try out all the choices, after all, we didn't work for you to only see half of the game!

Our bossfights always have a unique element which you need to figure out, else they are quite hard to beat, though not impossible. Except for the first boss, that one's easier since we wanted to lull you all into a false sense of security. Wait...

While the game is sort of linear, the three areas of the game all have lots of characters who you can interact with. Especially the last one, that city's so big you'll probably get lost in it at first. Which is okay, since we stuffed it full of interesting stuff.

If you have any suggestions or criticism, feel free to post in our Discussion Forum! Go easy on us though, this is our first proper game. Coming soon to Steam in English!

Hungarian language update is coming in January 15th at the latest.

Minor balance changes and some extra finishing touches on the Hungarian language contents still coming in a couple days.

Also, for suggestions, or if you just loved the game, feel free to check out our Discord server for the game!

Link: https://discord.gg/9t6KpfKssx

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