Refraction: Beyond the Mirror

  • Javid Hasanli
  • Indie

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Refraction is a first-person horror game about escaping The Mansion that has entrapped you. You have received an inheritance from your late grandfather, and you were happy to learn that as the only heir you will get a huge Mansion. But your happiness wasn't long-lived, when you found out that you can't escape it. Now you have to find a way to get out, or starve to death!

You wake up in the middle of the night in The Mansion that rightfully belongs to you now. From the first glance it seems that there is no one else here, and the place is unoccupied. But nothing is as it seems, and the horrors of the Mirror world await you.

  • Explore The Mansion - Your only escape lies in finding why does The Mansion want to keep you inside it. Explore the mansion, and dive into its mysteries. Investigate the history of the Mansion, and maybe you'll manage to escape its grips.
  • The Mirror World - It is the other side of our world, where everything seems the same, but is actually just a Refraction of our world!
    You will have to find your way into the Mirror World if you have any hope of escaping, but only horrors await you there. You will need to learn how to use the mirrors to travel between the worlds, and find the hints that will help you escape. The places that are blocked off in our world, might be open in the Mirror world, and vice versa. Use this peculiarity to further Explore the house.
  • The Ritual - You find weird letters all over the Mansion that tell you about some sort of a Ritual as a means to escape the house. Find some sort of ruins, and put them on some sort of Altar... But where are these things located?
  • The Creature - Be careful because there is a being in the house that shouldn't be woken up! It can smell you, and it can see you! If you ever dare to attempt starting the Ritual, The Creature will awaken and protect the Mansion's right to keep you in here forever. You can't fight against it. Hide from it until you can, and beware of the Darkness!

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