Race On Ice 2020 Pro

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Race On Ice 2020 Pro is an ice racing game where you can drive the drivers of the year 2020 . The goal is very simple, you take a driver and try to win the race. But be careful because depending on the driver you take, it will be more difficult to win the race.

Feature :

3 Modes : Time Attack , Race and Season

Time Attack :

Train on one of the 6 circuits for improve yourself .

Race :

There are 12 pilots who are divided into more than 6 teams. So choose a driver and try to lead him to victory.

Season :

- Season 2019-2020 of R.O.I Pro

12 drivers 6 teams and 6 tracks

Race with 5-6 cars Season 6 races

Only keyboards and mouse

This game includes :

- Fake names - Fake tracks - Fake teams - Fake cars

No licence

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