Poop On 2020 Simulator

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Poop On 2020 Simulator is the most realistic poo-throwing simulator made in decades. Take your frustrations out, not on your friends and family but on the true source of all your grievances, the year 2020.

Key features:

  • Super-sticky softbody physics that will make you question if you're actually throwing your own feces. (SPOILERS: you're not, this is a video game.)
  • 50 WHOLE Steam achievements to unlock and discover
  • ZERO ability to control the camera
  • A calming soundtrack to soothe the tortured soul
  • Barely concealed secrets that extend your gameplay, possibly, by several minutes
  • Super secret 2021 MODE!
  • Politicians that you CAN throw!
  • COVID-19 that you can flush down the toilet!
  • SNOW that only appears between December and February! TAKE THAT, RED DEAD ONLINE!
  • Audio commentary that lasts almost 10 times longer than the game itself

    The first public game offering by G.A.M.E. Games (Graphic and Mechanic Experimental Games), Poop On 2020 Simulator is the game you never asked for but really needed all along.

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