Pixel Robot Return

  • Tero Lunkka
  • Valkeala Software
  • Blackthug
  • Indie
  • Adventure

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Pixel Robot is coming back in this new 2d pixel shooter game.
Player is robot whose mission is to kill robot boss and collect treasures. After killing boss level is complete. Levels contain different enemies : flying and walking soldiers. Flying and walking gangsters and spiders and robot bosses in end of every levels. Also different traps like spikes which will kill player. Player can also collect different weapons like megapistol and bomb ammos . Also health pick-ups are available and coins for every level. Game contains also checkpoint system where player will respawn after death.
Game contains 22 levels with different themes


- 22 levels
- checkpoint system
- Double-jump
- Health system
- Player sliding feature
- 3 different weapons: normal rifle, laser rifle and firebomb weapon
- Ammo pick-ups
- Health pick-ups
- Coin pick-ups
- Steam achievements
- different enemies: flying gangster, running gangster, walking soldier, flying soldier, spider, Robot boss with weapons
- Flying platformers
- Controller/gamepad support

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