PaintBall War 2

  • ShadowWolf Games
  • Action
  • Massively Multiplayer
  • Simulation
  • Sports

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Paintball War 2 is the sequel to the most ambitious sports simulation game based on sports discipline in real life called paintball!

In the game you can find to your liking the game mode among such as "Team Deathmatch", "Best Player", "Capture the Flag", "Eliminate the Target", "Capture Point", "Arms Race" and the classic paintball game mode!

A large selection of different weapons for the game, both automatic and pistols, knives and grenades! A wide selection of maps from various locations! Clan system!

A huge selection of different skins for weapons, from common to the rarest!

Rating of players and clans!

Good strategy and great team play will help you win! Call your friends and take the first places!

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