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Assemble your team. Build a strategy. Play for free!
Overprime is a strategic action TPS MOBA where two teams of heroes battle to destroy each other's base. Choose one of the powerful heroes with unique skills, and work with your teammates to achieve the Prime Battlefield goals. Speed across the battlefield with the Prime heroes and feel the thrill of the action.

Dominate the battlefield!
Lead the team with the tactical use of the powerful skills! Use wisely each hero's skill to build a unique strategy to conquer the opponent's base. Cooperate with your fellows to discover new ingenious ways of team fight. Unite, mastermind and lead your team to victory!

You win or lose by the way you choose!
There are several heroes, and each hero is unique with specific skill sets and battle techniques. The choice of items you equip your hero with may determine an outcome of the battle. Try out different sets by customizing various items to make your hero undefeatable. In Training Mode, you can test different heroes and items, improve your playing skills and find new ways of utilizing the battlefield. New heroes will constantly be added in the future, so you will never cease to enjoy trying out new sets and combinations.

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