Outpost: Vikings

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Outpost: Vikings is a fully 3D & gridless colony simulator and survival game. After a long journey at sea, you have arrived in a new land. Land your longboats on the beach and start to build your new settlement.

Far from your homeland, the responsibility falls on you to ensure your people are happy, your raids are bountiful and your village is successful. Armed with only your crew and limited supplies your challenge is to break ground on a new village with the hopes of building a great settlement to rival the existing inhabitants of the land.

Set in the time when Vikings dominated the land, you and your people are uniquely equipped with the strength and skills needed to forge a new life and conquer the elements, the enemies and the challenges you will face in the coming years.
The key to your success will be managing and balancing your people’s needs, your economy, your enemies attacks and your allies desires.

  • With 3 modes of play available: Customizable Sandbox, Scenarios and Campaign, there is something for everyone!
  • Take control of the Earl in first person view for bonuses, hidden rewards and a whole new way to explore your thriving settlement and your citizens.
  • Bringing the best elements of the classic city and colony builders and simulations together with a fresh take on the the ever popular Viking genre set in a beautiful low poly environment.

Use the land to your advantage by hunting animals, gathering food and collecting the resources you need to grow you settlement.

Over 60 different types of buildings used for hunting, gathering, production, housing, defense and community. Build your settlement the way you envision to conquer this newfound land.

Grow your economy, your personal silver coffers and conquer the new world by trading and raiding.

Assign your people jobs best suited to their personalities and manage their happiness by providing what they need. Manage the growth of your settlement and your economy as you expand and make plans to conquer the land.

Defend against enemy attacks and set out on raids to strip your enemies of their power by taking their loot and silver. Forge alliances to benefit your settlement by fulfilling requests made by your neighbors.

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