Operation F.A.T.E.

  • Flash Phase Studios
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Early Access

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It's 2123 and robots have invaded the Earth. Humanity has been forced to evacuate the planet in search of a new home out in space. An organization called Invasion Force (I.F.) has assembled to investigate the cause and find any means of reclaiming the planet.

Enter Ark, a young member of I.F. who's been tasked with fighting off the robots/automata on Earth, as well as reconnaissance duties. But his recurring eerie dreams as of late speak a mystery he is determined to pursue no matter what in hopes of finding answers to his long lost past...

This game (will/already) feature(s):

- Bullet hell elements, toned down (made easier) for the general public + a unique bullet hell concept to make the game a little more interesting.

- Random generation (RNG). Tons of it. For this game, it means:

  • A hidden, randomly generated mystery (yes, randomly generated).

  • An infinite number of bosses. Certain enemies (including bosses) are randomly generated, meaning they may have different weapon attachments, phases, and even behaviors.

  • Levels are randomly generated, as is the world map (which of course extends to different types of enemies, items, etc.)
    Randomly generated dialogue options for the player to choose from.

  • A chat feature with infinite dialogue possibilities where the player can talk to the characters. This has been implemented at a basic form, but is not included in Early Access.

- An immersive plot

- 3+ lovable characters (with depth of personality).

** If you are prone to epileptic seizures or anything of the sort when playing games with flashing lights/screens, I would advise you not to play this game.

** There are some horror elements, but they are "polite" (no instant jumpscares with loud noises).

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