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Nurose is an online dueling game where you fight others with custom spells. It has a custom spell building system which allows players to create unique attacks.

Custom Spells

Central to Nurose is its unique spell building system. Spells are built by visually programming glyphs in a staff. There are 30+ glyphs ranging from simple movement glyphs to complex conditional glyphs. You don't need to level up to earn new glyphs or staffs. Each glyph is available from the start, so everyone is on an even playing field.

The spell possibilities are endless. Some spells that you could make include:
  • Mines that explode when the enemy is nearby.
  • Shields made up of projectiles in a semi-circle.
  • Anti-missile attacks that will look for enemy projectiles and destroy them.
  • A spell that makes decoy clones and moves them in specific directions.

What sets the great players apart is their skill in spell building and mastering their builds. When you have made a build, enter online matchmaking and fight others with your spells.

Online matchmaking

In online matchmaking you will fight others in a 1v1 best of 5 game. Each player has several staffs available. The game is made in a custom engine with rollback netcode for optimal online experience.

Credits to Benoxiid for the trailer and in game music.

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