Mot De Pass

  • Isaev Workshop
  • Action
  • Adventure

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The main character chasing the Antagonist, but he manages to open a portal and enter the new world. Each world can be any: maybe fantasy city with magic or a post-apocalypse? The main character is hindered by the Antagonist's henchmen along the way.

The player uses weapons to neutralize enemies. He can find it at the level, or secretly neutralize the enemy in order to get the first weapon. Often the locals of the levels call the character and tell where they saw the Antagonist and his minions. The main task of the main character is to catch up with the antagonist before he opens the next portal. Obstacles appear on the way of the main character, where it is necessary to use the parkour technique. Will the main character catch up the Antagonist?

Mot De Pass is a collective project of the course students. Each level of the game was created by Man during learning. After, we connected all the levels together

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