Milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milk

  • Nikita Kryukov
  • Indie
  • Casual

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(How do you feel?)
- I definitely feel. Sometimes that's more than enough.
(Still, you're anxious, aren't you?)
- Of course. Moreover, I'm completely terrified. Was it that obvious?
(You're looking in every direction, but not up.)
- Ah, this...
- I've already told you, haven't I?
(About what?)
- Ah, you know, small stuff.
(Can small stuff make you terrified?)
- It's... hard to explain.
I climb up the metal railing and let my legs hang down. I sneak short glances at the abyss from time to time. It replies with angry, cold breath. That's how we interact. Like old friends.
- Sometimes I feel like the whole world pretends to be crazy.
- As if it's trying to make me believe in something that doesn't exist.
(That's weird, isn't it?)

The game is a sequel to Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk.
The game's events begin the same moment the first game ends.


  • Psychedelic narrative full of pyramidal verbal constructions.
  • Stylized pixel graphics which reflect the girl's distorted perception of the world.
  • High variability: each playthrough is unique. However, some dialogue lines, images and scenes have only a small chance of appearing; you'll have to really get close to the girl in order to find out everything she hides.
  • Oppressive and viscous soundtrack.

ESC - pause menu
F- fullscreen/windowed mode

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