Mercs Fully Loaded

  • ByteBomb Studios
  • Action
  • Indie
  • Adventure
  • RPG
  • Early Access

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• Mercs Fully Loaded is a TPS RPG
• Start your career at Mercs-HQ as their newest recruit.
• Help restore Mercs-HQ to its former glory

• Equip yourself with the latest weapons from Mercs-HQ or go full fledge fisticuffs with your enemies. Either way, Mercs always get the job done.

• Fight alongside your friends, face each other's enemies, even help out sporadically or just turn on each other.
• When playing Co-op it's all about the freedom of choice. Waiting for your friend to gear up? No Problem, go work on your progress in the meantime without leaving the session.

• Arcade games can be found just about anywhere around Mercs-HQ. You can unlock new arcade games by completing quests & earn rewards every time you play.

• Fight for survival in this endless 2D Hack N Slash.
• Face countless foes while you slash your way to the top of this chaos-filled adventure.

• Run as far as you can without falling on the traps along your path to glory.

• Build the tallest tower in Merc Tower, the more accurate you are the higher you can build.

• Change the look and feel of your character with new Exo-Shells, each one holds its own stats and performance upgrades.

• Help the R&D team out by completing specialized quests which can earn you new weapons, fighting skills & new content around Mercs-HQ

• Battle Tower is a simulated combat system, the system randomly decides the simulation location, objective & reward.
• Not happy with the random selection, Mercs can bypass settings by paying a little in-game currency to re-roll location, objective, or add rewards to the stack.
• Fight in single-player or co-op with other Mercs!
• Battle Towers is expandable with new objective types coming in the future!

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