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Welcome to Neotopia – the last city standing. Riddled with corruption and greed of corporations, the city is divided. The forces of Manta have destabilized progress toward sustainability. Your mission, commander, is to recruit, train, and deploy a squad of elite mercenaries and neutralize the Manta threat. Don’t shit the bed.

Step into the world of non-stop, real-time tactical strategy engagements with a 4-person squad. Upgrade and recruit units, learn and enhance special abilities, while acquiring better weapons and gear. Take your toughest and bravest recruits into action in co-op multiplayer and save humanity from the suppressive Manta force.

Control your mercenary squad as a 4-person team – advance units, take cover, designate units to engage with special abilities. For seriously tricky tactical firefights, break the squad into 2-person pods - Alpha and Bravo and wreak havoc.

Team up with other players in co-op multiplayer action. Combine forces by taking your best two units into battle with their best units. Play through story missions, campaigns and side missions together to take down the uprising of Manta.

The Sprawl is a mysterious cyberpunk world, with new dangers around every corner. Anticipate and conquer challenges by managing the composition of your team based on the needs of missions, including unit capability, strength and special ability. Successful missions will be rewarded with financial bonuses and increased reputation. Use the rewards wisely to enable optimal progress for your troops.

Your merc squad will encounter many extreme challenges. Train your units to take on Manta with multiple unit classes– Assault, Sniper, Heavy & Engineer. Further specialize the units with sub-classes such as Medic, Hacker, etc. and take them into battle to gain XP and Skill Points to unlock more special abilities.

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