Meet PIP

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As you walk through the forest with your best friend Star,
you discover a bunker entrance.
Is it a secret place? Or has anybody been there before?

Once you are inside, it looks abandoned.
A bunker room with equipment from other times, but would it still work?
With your sense of adventure, you try it out...

What just happened! How on earth is this possible?!

Meet PIP and follow the magic!
By visiting planets, swimming in a deep blue sea
and flying through space in an iron bowl.
So, hop on and join this magical Journey!

From The end.
A traveling adventure in which you make choices,
follow directions, along with puzzles and in-games.
Explore and find
Try and achieve,
Play and win!


  • A forest, a bunker, a NoBody's home
  • Those who've preceded you...stayed
  • Funny game and easy to play
  • Point & Click to walk, fly and swim
  • Playing 2D in a 3D environment
  • Typing answers to questions on a keyboard or laptop
  • GamePlay is about two hours
  • Meet and follow PIP
  • A magical adventure game

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