MAFIA: Family's Secret

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MAFIA: Family's Secret gameplay is a mix of a visual novel and sction-based top-down shooter.

Set in the 50's, MAFIA: Family's Secret features a complex storyline about Guidice mafia family, the insides of their business and all the secrets that were silenced in the family for far too long. ... follow their story and dive-in our american mafia world.

Move thought the map and kill all of your enemies to complete the missions along the way and progress throughout the story!

In this game player must move through the levels and kill all the enemies to complete each operation successfully.

Join our Guidice family members on their adventures and be the first one to discover all their secrets.

  • 6 different characters to meet
  • 5 chapters of visual novel to discover
  • more then 30 levels to solve

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