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A 2-4 local-player couch party game, players roll around an arena and can charge a dash attack to knock each other off the level until the last player standing wins the round, between rounds the levels dynamically changed by the players placing traps. Traps effect every player in the match and can be used against you without the proper consideration to your placement.

Key Features:
  • Fast Paced Round Gameplay - Players battle to be the last-armadillo-standing by knocking each other off and gaining round points'
  • Between Round Level Editing - Between rounds players place traps around the level to alter the gameplay and assist in your chances of winning (or losing)
  • 2 to 4 local-players - battle it out with 1 or more of your friends on your own couch
  • Controller-based couch party game - Best played with controllers during a party with mates

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