Jet-Story 2018

  • Miroslav FĂ­dler
  • Action
  • Indie
  • Free to Play

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Jet-Story 2018 is 30th anniversary remake of 8-bit ZX Spectrum game. You are a pilot of a space battle capsule and your goal is to navigate underground caves and eliminate all alien bases.

Your ship has rocket engines for horizontal movements and for going up. Acceleration, intertia and gravity are dutifully simulated. There is no "down" control - if you need to go down, you have to let the ship fall. Activating motors requires fuel. Running out of fuel means death.

Underground caves are full of aliens and enemy machinery trying to block your progress and defend the bases. However, your spaceship has lethal firepower - plasma cannon, bombs and missiles will easily anihilate any opposition - IF you master how to use them.

WARNING: This is old-school game with old-school difficulty. Do not even try unless you are ready to die a lot.

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